Nolan Vs. Tomlin-Whose Team Do You Wanna Be On?

This Sunday in Pittsburgh the 49ers and the Steelers meet in an important early season match-up.

Not the teams. I’m talking about the coaches-Mike Nolan and Mike Tomlin.

I envy the woman who’ll be at Heinz Field. But the question is, who’s hotter? This was brought up last Wednesday when I said this is the Hit & Run:

Nolan > Tomlin

Needless to say, TheStarterWife didn’t agree. So we thought we’ll put it out there…

Nolan or Tomlin? Who ya got?

Mike Nolan
College: Oregon
Team: San Francisco 49ers
Head Coach Since: 2005

The suit again…


With the college kids.


Something about those clothes looking wrinkled.


This one is just precious.


Drafting players is a serious business.


I love a man wearing glasses.


What can I say? He just looks good in black.




Mike Tomlin
College: William and Mary
Team: Pittsburgh Steelers
Head Coach Since: 5 minutes ago


Much sexier than “Mike Tirico Microphone Madness”

Here he looks wise, contemplative, and approving in a Jedi Master-type of way.


No idea what is going on here, but the goofy/angry/happy look all at once works.


Shorter yes, but he is just as buff as the starting QB. How many other coaches can say that?


High-five, Willie Parker, high-five.


Right now, on the inside of that ref, is man who has never been so turned on by another man’s anger.


The Vikings Days, where he is hot, but not as fine as when he’s in black and gold. Only Prince can wear purple and look like a badass.


The picture that started it all; training camp.

30 thoughts on “Nolan Vs. Tomlin-Whose Team Do You Wanna Be On?

  1. im a dude, and no two ways about it – tomlin is fucking hot. period, end of story. id give my hetero-ness for a day or so

    he’s like omar epps, but built, and well, sexier

    i now resume my hetero-ness

  2. Tomlin.
    Smokin’ Hot ‘Burgher.
    The other guy looks like your moderately hot brother in law who always has something in his teeth.

  3. Nolan.

    The suit just screams. “Playtime is over, (censored). Time to go to work.”

    Besides, all the great coaches from back in the day like Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, Bear Bryant, etc. all wore suits.

    Then the NFL made everyone on the sidelines wear branded athletic apparel, and frankly, there are too many coaches wearing tight fitting athletic apparel that need not be (*cough* Parcells *cough* Denny Green *cough*). Most of them look like overweight baseball managers.

    Except for Belichick, when he’s got that hoodie on, he looks like he just robbed a convenience store to finance his next meth hit.

  4. To summarize: Pete Nolan, looks great in black. Mike Tomlin, is black. Verdict: Tomlin. Unless you’re crashing a funeral; then, take Nolan as your wingman, so as to look inconspicuous.

  5. Also, I want Young MC or Six Mix-a-Lot or MC Lyte, even Queen Latifah, for all I care, to hook-up with Andrew W.K. (in the studio, I mean… though woe unto the world if AWK & Queen Latifah have a baby; awesomest. baby. ever.) & re-record “She is beautiful” as “Black is beautiful”.

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