Bang-Bang Play

Got links you want included as a Bang-Bang Play? Got an athlete you think would make an excellent Mail Bag Hottie? Email us!

Pros and cons of the various Big TEleven contenders. Take Baylor- you can have them for free! [MGoBlog]

The Babes feel Chase’s pain (and the pain of Clare and me and all other Phils fans at losing him). [Babes Love Baseball]

A look at local Baltimore legend- and personal guest of Cal at Cooperstown- Ernie Tyler. Love getting to highlight some good news! [Foul Balls]

You’ll shoot your eye out with that, Emil Brown. Or that lady reporter’s eye. [The Dugout]

The O-lineman of Denver better start talking… or else! [Signal to Noise]

Upper deck Yanks fans in their native habitat. [Home Run Derby]

What’s tastier than a college football cupcake? Just ask Arkansas- they’re the experts. [Extrapolator @ Loser With Socks]

The All-Smith team has been named- which of the 142 Smiths to play baseball made it? [UmpBump]

Welcome to the blogosphere, Donovan. [Donovan McNabb’s Yardbarker Blog]

Apparently, girls who like the NFL are not date material. And girls who actually know something about football are the worst. [Mr. Irrelevant]

The underlying literary themes of the Big XII. No, really. [Sunday Morning Quarterback]

The 2007 Douchebag Open has begun. Why am I not at all surprised to find Cowherd and Pierzynski on there? How am I supposed to decide? [Turf Toe]

And our Mail Bag Hottie this week is…

Triple shot this week, in honor of the start of training camp: Kerry Rhodes, Dhani Jones & Braylon Edwards. Yeah- good luck trying to pick a favorite out of that bunch, because they are all smokin’ hot. Also, if these pictures aren’t enough, check out the whole rest of their Essence photo gallery (plus video!).

This week’s MBH thanks to The HCIC from Leave The Man Alone – and thanks to Essence for the photos.

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15 thoughts on “Bang-Bang Play

  1. Oh Chase. :(

    They kept showing…and showing…and reshowing…and showing some MORE…the hit…and the NOISE…and Oh Chase…*sniffles loud*

    *selfishly hopes he’ll be back by 8/29*

    also…Dhani Jones is amusing. :)

  2. “tastier than a college football cupcake” Aren’t those the hot looking boys playing out on the field ? I must admit there are a few of them I would not mind licking the cream off!

  3. Lookin on the bright side of the Chase finger breakin’…we are 3-0 since AND this almost ensures no Rowand trade. If we were to look on the bright side ;) But on the bad side, looks like Madson may be out for the season…and that is one hottie I am going to miss staring at all game.

  4. I’ve got a friend at work who INSISTS that Chase being hurt means Rowand will DEFINITELY be traded. I want to throw sharp objects at him every time he starts. And I could, because I work as a cake decorator and use several different sizes of knives on a daily basis..but I won’t.

    And MADSON! Tragic. I saw him throw that pitch and…*sigh*

  5. If there was a good part of the Chase debacle it was his post-game interview. Did you guys see it? I need to find a rip of it to put on my iPod.

    When asked how quickly he can come back, Chase says, “It all depends, there’s a best case scenario, there’s a worst case scenario.”

    And Chase, what is the worse case scenario – “uhh… I don’t know…. My hand’ll fall off?”

    Aww, Chase I love you.

  6. I know talk of rotisserie is banned by edict of the combudsman at Deadspin, but this isn’t Deadspin. (It is slightly less gay/heavy on the male sexuality, though. That’s a plus.) But, anyway, knock on wood, my waiver claim for Iguchi goes thru, so statistically, I lose (not so) much with Chutley out. (Yes, I’ve started calling ‘im by the shorthand. Even in league e:mails. Damn you, Ladies… (Aww, jus’ playin’. I love it.))

    Can’t wait ’til C.U.’s back, though. The Phillies — & MLB — need more of his sweet stroke, neatly groomed face (no Beckett chin-thing action, there), & leftist politics. (In fact, I would encourage all of you Ladies… to [deleted by author for lack of tact]. (Let’s say it involves biodiesel, & well, yeah…)

  7. CHASEVID- Two reasons why I don’t think that’s going to happen: (1) front office has said Rowand is not on the block- only Bourn appears to be in contention for an OF trade, and (2) they already got Iguchi, which negates any need to freak out about the loss of Chase and trade Aaron away for, say, Mark Loretta.

    To be fair, when I first heard the Chutley news, the first thing I thought was that Rowand was as good as gone (I knew the Phils were scouting the Astros, I knew the Astros publicly said earlier this past week that they were gunning for an OF, I knew the Astros also had 2B Loretta to trade)- but since then, I’ve calmed down and I think that’s probably not going to happen.

    Probably- DO YOU HEAR ME BASEBALL GODS? I said “probably”. I’m not tempting fate, I swear.

    KAREN- I had not heard or seen that- the only interview I saw was him saying “I’ll be back, don’t worry guys.” If you find video of that, PLEASE send me a link.

    STU- The Chutley love… it’s spreading…

    SOOZE- I know! When he got drilled he just immediately turned and trotted to 1st- didn’t even grimace or clutch his hand or anything. NAILS.

  8. Two Michigan boys in the bang bang post. I love it. And Dhani’s quirks add to the hotness, I don’t know why. And Braylon is one of the nice, charitable types we don’t hear enough about in addition to being teh hotness. Mr. Rhodes – I didn’t know of until today, but I am certainly interested in learning more…. Bravo, nominator!!!

  9. Ahh Dhani, I’ll miss you and your bow-ties come this Eagles season.

    If the Phillies trade Rowand I’ll eat my tv.

  10. THANK YOU, TG, that’s exactly what I needed to hear about Rowand. Exactly. Mike (work dude) clearly has no idea what he’s talking about.

    Here’s Chase’s post-game interview from Channel 6’s website…it’s down towards the right on the page under “6 on Demand” or something similar…he’s so…I don’t know where to start. I love the snark from him at points.

    *sigh* When I went to find it, I watched it in full for the first time and it made me sad all over again! He’ll be fine, though. The man’s got STONES. Gah.

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