Steelers unnamed mascot remains unnamed

It was announced this weekend that the Steelers have had to delay naming their new mascot after receiving more than 70,000 submissions for what this big foam guy should be called.

How hard can picking a name be? Let’s take a look at the entries…

Rejected names and phrases from the category of “Other”-

  • “Hey isn’t that Purdue’s mascot?”
  • “Yinz making Steelers bucks now so next round is on you at the Lithuanian Club.”
  • “Pirate Parrot is my wing man because he can pull same tail.”
  • “They chose this instead of cheerleaders?”
  • “Better than that Terrible Towelie guy.”
  • “Stanley P. Kachowski – Mall Cop/ WDVE cliche since 1985”
  • “I thought the Chin went to the Browns North Carolina.”

And my favorite, the actual file name for this picture on –

  • “07_UrbanImpact_Mascot”

Yes. “Urban”.

15 thoughts on “Steelers unnamed mascot remains unnamed

  1. PR – How did you know I was just talking about Naked Lunch with someone the just other day?

    If anyone listens to Steely Dan and does not know that, then shame on them and their 97 The Wave ways.

  2. People ‘hear’ Steely Dan, but they never listen to it.

    I thought ‘Bobby McSlag” for the chinned one.

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  4. Any chance one of you Pittsburghers can give the man a lift to Columbus to meet up with the MLS Crew’s logo? A Turkish bath is calling them, together.

  5. As I’ve been to Pittsburgh all of one time(s), then I feel fully qualified to butt my head in here:

    The Ying-Ling Warrior. (What? Not brewed in Pittsburgh anymore? Who cares?!)
    Not A Permani Brother.
    Giant St’i’ller.

    I have used all of the Pittsburgh-ese I know at this point and time. Please allow me to Wikipedia more stereotypes of this fine city before coming back.

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