Subway Series: Round Two, Game 2

“I’m with stupid —>”  (Just kidding, Yanks fans; I love y’all!)

 Despite a dreadful performance by 15 year-old starting pitcher Tyler Clippard, the Yanks were able to pull out a win thanks to some hot bats (and hot players). Arod continues to lead the league in everything with he and Jeter each getting 2 run shots and the hits came when it counted.

There is so much offensive talent on this team yet their pitching, one of the most expensive pitching staffs in baseball, continues to be a liability. Tonight’s matchup definitely favors the Yankees with Wang facing former Yankee Hernandez but a lot can happen. One can only hope that El Duque has been taking lessons from Glavine. I’ll be at the stadium tonight to witness the Yankees taking the series. I apologize in advance for any drunken or hungover blogging as a result.

“I won’t take it anymore!”

The name of the game is pitching, and the offense can only do so much when the pitching (GLAVINE!) keeps handing back the lead.  Granted, the bullpen came in and did no favors, giving up four more runs.  But you can’t win when your hitting gives you a run, and you give two back. 

Reyes had a good day, getting a hit, scoring two runs, driving in two runs, and stealing two bases.  It was especially nice seeing the team making Mariano work.  Two runs off the vaunted pitcher?  Coolio. 

 I would have preferred a win, but what can you do?  Gotta pick out the bright spots in the (yet another) loss.


I’ll take either. (Even though Reyes gets a boost
for obvious reasons.)

The look on their faces says it all.

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