Subway Series: Round Two

Two hotties, side by side…

As always, guests first:

All in all, not a very impressive game on either side of the ball. Both teams did their jobs defensively, but the bats were pretty quiet with the biggest noise coming out of Reyes with a one run shot.

What kills me the most is when they pulled Clemens in the 7th, the general word in the stands was “He did his job”. Well no he didn’t. He left the game giving up 2 runs, which is where the score stayed. At an estimated $8,000 a pitch, we should be expecting a lot more than that. Leaving a 2 run gap for our inferior bullpen to clean up is not in the job description. I’m just saying.

This loss, however, was definitely not enough to break the Yanks momentum. Bring on game 2!

Man of the Game

I don’t have much to say by the way of this game. I’ll admit, I only watched the very end (when you get a willing sitter at the last minute, you jump at the chance). What I hear, the Mets batters had Clemens on the ropes several times, yet only got those two runs. Luckily, those two runs held up, and the Mets stopped a 5-game losing skid.

I’ll echo Sportsgirl’s sentiment – bring on game 2!

hoppity hop!

You, sir, are no Tony La Russa.


Turn around, baby.

7 thoughts on “Subway Series: Round Two

  1. Reyes has five steals for the weekend, three yesterday, two, already, today (& game’s not over). Man of the Match, then? Sure. Man of the City, Best Shortstop in NY — that too.

    Suck it, Jeter.

    No, no — not A-Rod’s, well, yeah… But your come-uppance, too. JR has made you his bitch (no homo).

  2. emily caroline, I can scarcely believe it, but the following sentence actually came out of my mouth this evening listening to the scores on the Phillies post-game show:

    Oh, good, the Yankees won today.

    p.s. Your blog is way funny. Write more.

  3. This is the ultimate in Lose-Lose choices for me:

    I hate the Yankees. I love Roger Clemens.
    I need the Mets to lose for the Phillies. I need the Yankees to lose for the Red Sox.

    The only clear answer is: mutually assured destruction.

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