Hit & Run: I Have To Start Paying Attention To That?

On Sunday, Lewis Hamilton became the first black Formula One Driver to win an event at the Canadian Grand Prix. He is the first black man to win any major racing event. He finished 4.3 seconds ahead of Nick Heidfeld. I’m not too good at math, but hot guy + fast car + danger + hot British accent = me in love. [Probably more like in lust, but you get what I’m saying.]

If you didn’t watch the college baseball action this weekend you missed out. Louisville crushed Oklahoma State, Carolina beat Carolina, and Oregon State ripped the heart out of many Michigan fans when they broke up a no-hitter. UC Irvine, UNC, Arizona State, Louisville, Mississippi State, Cal State Fullerton, and Rice all clinched spots in the College World Series this weekend. [No good comes from schools with the initials OSU]

Poor Roger Federer. The guy can’t catch a break with the French Open. He lost again on Sunday to Rafael Nadal, becoming Nadal’s bitch on clay. Of course, Federer still has all those other championships. And money. And his #1 ranking. Wait, why do I feel sorry for him again? [I don’t really think either of them are all that hot, but the picture is really cute.]

Know what sucks? Being a quarterback at Notre Dame not named Jimmy Clausen. Good thing Zach Frazer realized that and decided to transfer. Cause he wasn’t going to be getting any playing time this year. He knew it, Weis knew it, hell the entire college football universe knew it. [Hey, I had to get some CFB in this post.]

I guess David Beckham wanted his money. He’s decided to come to the LA Galaxy after all. His agent said that he and Posh still plan on coming to this side of the pond to play soccer. Good for him, I guess. [Is there any picture of Beckham that doesn’t make me want to vomit?]

Some old dude started for the Yankees on Saturday. [This one is just for Texy.]

14 thoughts on “Hit & Run: I Have To Start Paying Attention To That?

  1. Lewis’ dad is probably only 45. He’s also the first black driver to lead the driver’s championship; which is an enormous freaking deal.

  2. Cal State Fullerton, in the CWS? Bacon Pants must be so proud of his alma mater.
    My roommate is going to Omaha this weekend for a wedding. I told her if she doesn’t hook up with a hot baseball playin’ college boy that she is not to come home at all.

  3. Knowing as many college baseball players as I do, I can promise you that your roommate will not have to try too hard to hook up with them.

  4. Um, nothing about Rags to Riches winning the Belmont? A filly beat the other male horseys in that race.

  5. The losing a no-hitter with one strike in the ninth was just an absolute killer. I mean, damn. But glad to see you posted it. Though those OSU uniforms are hideous, who puts white on grey.

  6. I haven’t paid much attention to Formula 1 in years, but Lewis Hamilton is tearing it up.I thought I’d get a preview and tried to watch the Bahrain GP with my 4 year old (at her insistence) – field research indicates that this was a bad idea. Heavy use of video replay was deeply confusing for both of us.

  7. I have actually watched Lewis Hamilton win 2 races in the past 2 months, which is odd because I normally watch about 1 race a year (Indy).

    I think he needs to do a little something about those eyebrows, but he’s got some kind of a Lupe Fiasco thing going on. Not bad, and a fine driver.

    Oh…and Nadal is grossbuckets.

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