Hit & Run

Yeah, I think he’s hot, and what?

Michael Barrett – good for what ails you.  In his second start after wrasslin’ with the catcher, Carlos Zambrano goes 8 innings over Houston, allowing only 3 hits, and hitting a home run.  Now that’s the crazy Carlos Zambrano we all know and love.

I’ll wipe you down…

 This, Ladies…, is Walter Centeno, a soccer player on the Costa Rican team.  He led the Costa Rican team to a 1-0 win over Guadeloupe in the CONCACAF Gold Cup tournament.  His face isn’t much, but he has a nice body. And that’s good enouch for me.

Aw, he’s like the Beast!

Are the Bengals rubbing off on other teams?  Shaun Rogers, Detroit Lions defensive tackle, was named in a sex complaint.  A stripper alleges that Rogers inappropriately touched her, but no charges have been filed yet, as the prosecutor’s office investigates the complaint.  Shaun, there’s no sex in the champagne room! (yeah, he’s not hot, but look! He’s feeding a birdie!)

I want to cuddle him, he’s so adorable.

Rookie Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton won the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, and  Fernando Alonso is now whining about it. I hate whining douchebags. Even cute whining douchebags. (Note: yes, I know SA talked about Lewis Hamilton yesterday, but he’s cute as a button, so I want to look at his picture some more.)


Wonder who he’s looking at
with that smoldering gaze

 Jon Lester was optioned to Triple-A Pawtucket, with the hopes that he’ll dominate down there and “force his way back into the picture” with the Red Sox. Oh, c’mon, let the kid pitch already!

At least he can hook me up with
senior citizens’ discounts!

Lakers head coach Phil Jackson will have his left hip replaced, 8 months after replacing the right one. It’s only a little bit disturbing that a man I think is hot is having his hip replaced. Wait, he’s 61?!

18 thoughts on “Hit & Run

  1. Why does that Fernando Alonso have to be a whiner? Ruins a perfectly good hot guy, a hot guy who could possibly hook me up with a ride in a McLaren, something I’ve always wanted to do. (Trivia note – Did you know Rowen Atkinson owns TWO McLarens?)
    Although I think I would be tempted to always sing ABBA songs around him…

  2. Phil Jackson = HATE. I’m not exactly sure why I hate him so much, except for his smug Zen assface. I don’t even follow basketball, really, except to HATE Phil Jackson. And Kobe Bryant. So, the Lakers, basically.

    Anyway. I know I have very little room to talk what with my enjoyment of Randy Johnson, but c’mon. Randy would at least have a beer with you. Phil would only give you a lecture on polluting your body and a raw food diet or something.

    That got a little out of hand. I’m sorry, Metschick. I shouldn’t be so incredulous of the lusts of a Lady… You are all unique and beautiful snowflakes, after all.

  3. Hee, TSW, you’re right. I should have said, “It’s probably not okay to carry on about someone’s harmless (if oogy) crush.”

  4. Forget downing pints with The Unit! If you hang with the Zen Master, he’ll smoke a brick of hash with you.

    Good times.

  5. But my Mets don’t deserve any mention in the H&R. They’ve been dreadful lately.

    [stifles giggle] Oh, that’s too bad, Metsy. Too bad indeed.

  6. Disco Stu, maybe that’s always been my issue with Jackson. I am not good at getting high, so I could never really “get” him.

    HAHAHAHAno. It’s the smug assface thing.

  7. Don’t worry, honey, I’ll protect you. Besides, we might be in striking distance, but did the Gray Lady do an A-1 story about how the Mets are 14 losses away from 10,000? I don’t think so.

  8. Fair enough.

    I’m actually a little disappointed in myself. You would’ve thought I would be used to the Mets losing, after 2002-2004!

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