I was there: Gold Cup Final

My apologies for taking two plus weeks to get around to posting these pictures – it wouldn’t be too much hyperbole to tell you that it took me that long to recover!

Let’s preface all of this by saying that if you are at all a fan of US Soccer, you should be a member of your local American Outlaws chapter. The Outlaws are a supporters group with chapters in more than 90 cities around the country.

We’re members of the AO group here in Milwaukee and mostly that means we hang out at a local soccer bar together watching games and talking US Soccer. But occasionally it means we get on a bus together and head to Chicago for things like the Gold Cup Final.
Membership is a paltry $20 a year. You get discounts for some soccer websites and travel sites as well as opportunities for advanced purchase of tickets to pretty much all USMNT and USWNT games. We’re so glad to have joined. Our local group has FB and Twitter pages and we love joining the discussion and meeting fellow soccer fans. It’s a great group and I’d advocate everyone joins.

So we bought our Gold Cup Final tickets the day they went on sale. We hedged our bets on the USMNT being there. We know that big international games only come near us (usually Chicago) every could of years. We decided that even if the USMNT didn’t make it, it would be a good time, so we were in no matter what. Using the AO advanced sale, we got our tickets first thing and had 10th row. We were stoked and then just had to sit back and enjoy the ride of the US through the qualifying stages.

We also knew this would be an easy trip for us – we wanted to get WCQ tickets in Columbus or Kansas City, but we also want to go to Europe next year, so we sort of settled on this Gold Cup final instead. In the end, I don’t feel like I settled, though. I’m sure US/Mexico will be bonkers, but I’m glad we did this. It was a good intro into the world of AO and supporters section mania.

So the morning of the game we gathered with other local AO members at our soccer bar and boarded a bus. The price of bus admission included beer, drinks and snacks. Someone did the math – there were 9.5 beers on board for each person. (Let me just say that as much as I love AO, I would have loved AO so much more when I was about 10 years younger!)

The bus trip alone was an experience. The “America playlist” was as varied as you’d imagine and somehow the song that had the most crowd participation was Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight” – there’s nothing like grown men shushing each other in anticipation of “the breakdown” and then playing the drums on the roof of the bus. It was a moment.

Chicago traffic was true to form, despite it being Sunday morning/early afternoon. The Chicago AO chapter as well as any others in town had met at a bar. The plan was to march to Soldier Field past the US Soccer Federation House, where President Sunil Gulati would address us. Thanks to traffic, we missed the bar part and had our bus driver take us straight to the Soccer House. We stood there and listened to the rest of the group march to us, which was awesome. Having got there first means that the Milwaukee chapter is featured prominently in the video of Gulati addressing the crowd (notice the cheesehead and AO Milwaukee scarves).

My pictures seem to have uploaded in all kinds of order and if you’re familiar with WordPress, you know why I’m not going to try to fix that. Sorry. It should be clear which pictures are the march to the stadium and which pictures are of the game and inside the stadium.

The game itself was slow to get moving, but in the end the US came out victorious. This was our first supporter section experience and it was everything I had hoped for. From “Panama, we split your country in two” cheers, to the amazingness of singing the National Anthem in that group, everything from start to finish was great. Our seats were great. We had two Mexico fans near us and bless them for still showing up to the game and taking hours and hours of friendly abuse from the fans.

21447_896176867415_2019522982_n 45753_896177725695_1959404589_n 46904_896177421305_1128084708_n 46977_896176093965_963344119_n 59566_896177191765_839559452_n 526828_896176428295_1202413280_n 529074_896177556035_1560522566_n 544681_896176553045_1127345273_n 547398_896176772605_2118750867_n 553995_896177166815_1533945979_n 562963_896176313525_556539864_n 600256_896178154835_1982674883_n 644173_896177017115_1121415702_n 942454_896184058005_733835140_n

We were on TV during the trophy presentation, which was pretty cool

942461_896177067015_80958268_n 942473_896178030085_777110443_n 945958_896176458235_108415779_n 968870_896177042065_1563949278_n 969780_896177002145_1701784322_n 969805_896178209725_1351756937_n 971185_896177246655_1517033252_n 971929_896176333485_764514792_n 972296_896176388375_2062683615_n 994878_896176308535_576582839_n 996529_896176727695_658666766_n

Sad Jurgen head was one of my favorite things

996538_896176238675_1381274249_n 996872_896176483185_1462308263_n 999512_896176607935_1062743884_n 999556_896175994165_1472961483_n 1000225_896176937275_572989528_n 1001235_896176622905_701146651_n 1001901_896177216715_1014396828_n 1002315_896176657835_217467869_n

Me and the boyfriend decked out in AO/USMNT gear


Celebrating with the trophy

1006037_896177321505_735833980_n 1006281_896176543065_626839179_n

Marching in to Soldier Field1009834_896175974205_265597977_n

US Soccer President Sunil Gulati addresses the supporters at the US Soccer house before they march into the field 1012025_896176837475_903115613_n

DeMarcus Beasley leads the USMNT onto the field

Singing the National Anthem1014047_896177286575_1764639698_n 1016437_896176078995_418494655_n

AO Milwaukee folks leading the charge into the stadium

1069131_896177571005_1312305221_nUSMNT players celebrating the win as the final whistle blew


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