Hockey Hotties On The Move: 2011 Edition


NOT HOT! But Burkie rocks the untied tie like nobody's business.

The timing was almost perfect: I took today off to recover from an arduous 11 hours of traveling from Ottawa to my East Coast home on Sunday to make up for a canceled direct flight on Friday (Mother Nature has been particularly bitchy to New Brunswickers this year. I swear, we have at least one snowstorm a week.) The hubby and I were all set to brew some coffee, snuggle on the couch and consume hours of TSN Tradecentre 2011 (the annual wall-to-wall coverage of the NHL Trade Deadline, for those of you unfamiliar.)

But not surprisingly, another snowstorm dumped 15 centimetres (at least) in our driveway and the kids stayed home from school. *sigh* So much for Date Day.

Trade Deadline Day was disruptive for some of our favorite players as well. Here’s a look at some of the notables who wound up with a new zip/postal code today, as well as a few who surprisingly managed to stay put.

Edmonton Oilers

You won't need that jacket where you're going, Dustin.

The Dustin Penner deal was probably the most significant of the day, as the Oilers unloaded the forward and his controversial salary onto Los Angeles in exchange Colten Teubert, a first round draft pick for June, and a conditional draft pick for 2012. He has 21 goals and 18 assists with a crummy Edmonton team, but could flourish if put on the right line with the playoff-focused Kings.


Steckel will bring his trademark smolder to New Jersey. (I'm SO SORRY, Raven!)

Our thoughts turn to Raven with the trade that sent the Caps’ David Steckel to New Jersey for veteran Jason Arnott and a second round draft pick. Somebody want to check on her, please? Trust us when we say this will not be the end of Gratuitous Steckel.

He started the season in Montreal and then wound up in Anaheim. Guess where Maxim ended up today?

I mention this because I am a little surprised the first overall Vancouver Canucks made a move, although I shouldn’t be as they have been bit by the injury bug. But forwards Chris Higgins, Maxim Lapierre and MacGregor Sharp are headed to my favorite city. Headed to sunny Florida is defenseman Evan Oberg while Joel Perrault is off to Anaheim.


Could this have been Brad's expression all Trade Deadline Day? Likely.

Brad Richards is an unrestricted free agent this summer and was rumoured to be on the move to the Big Apple. Instead, he’ll ride out the season in Dallas as the team fights for a playoff position (they are currently 8th but it’s a tight race in the West)


You can stay, Clarke.

Mr. Bee and I were more than a bit concerned about one of our fave Leafs, Clarke MacArthur, until Brian Burke emerged in an interview with TSN’s Cory Woron, tie undone and draped around his neck, and assured Leafs Nation that he *probably* wasn’t going anywhere. Phew! I was hoping Burkie would make a move for John-Michael Liles. But sadly, no. He did unload John Mitchell and now has about 12 draft picks to deal with in June. Sounds like someone is a little sensitive about all those picks they traded away to Boston, no?


John-Michael in blue and white was a nice thought.

Speaking of my beleaguered Leafs, I fear the long snowy winter is making the hubby a little loopy: he is already talking about watching Leafs hockey in the spring. Sure, they’re only four points out of 8th, but let’s not get crazy. It’s Toronto we’re talking about here.

So were you glued to your Tradecentre app today? What trade had you cheering or scratching your head? Who do you wish got unloaded for a crate of practice pucks? Let us know in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Hockey Hotties On The Move: 2011 Edition

  1. Great post over here, really enjoyed the read :). Anyways, I was kind of disappointed by the lack of action in this year`s trade deadline considering every year is generally filled with insanity. The most prominent trade was the Penner one and that really isn`t that big, even though it seems like the Kings gave up a decent stock to get him. Not as many guys on the block this year with important expiring contracts I guess. I think the Dallas Stars might have been better off trading Brad Richards considering they could have gotten something really good for him and the fact that Dallas is just hanging onto a playoff spot, but that`s a really tough decision either way. I`m interested to see how the lack of shake-up amongst the team`s affects things for next year and if teams will continue to feel that they need to pay for rentals. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I would love to hear what you have to say.

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