Hooray! College Basketball Is Here!

Yes, I’m a bit overexcited. But who cares? College basketball, after it’s long, long, long hiatus, is finally upon us. We’ve had a few games played already and a 24-hour ballathon soon (excuse me while I squee in delight) maybe it’s time to scoop out the hotties by conference. And since me and Miss Christina’s favorite conference is the ACC, let’s start there. Here are a few of the hotties you should know about. Starting with Tyrese Rice, from Boston College.

I think I fell in love with Rice when he personally lit up Carolina for 46 last season. It was glorious. He’s a preseason All-ACC First Team member and, if Hansbrough isn’t THE SAVIOR COMING TO RESCUE US FROM ARMAGGEDON everyone thinks he is, Rice could creep his way to that ACC Player of the Year crown. I’m rooting for him.

Demontez Stitt, Clemson

I have no idea why, but while I hate Clemson’s football team I actually like their basketball team. Maybe it’s because I remember those really bad late 90’s teams so well and that feeling of apathy has turned into like. Who knows? Either way, Stitt here (# 2) is probably going to be the Tigers starting point guard this season, following up his pretty damn good freshmen year.

Gerald Henderson, Duke

Look, I’ll make this real short because if I don’t I’ll start writing love poems about Henderson and me and poetry do not mix well. He’s another preseason All-ACC teamer and is expected to be the leader on this #5 (for the record, I completely agree with Mistress Christina when it comes to Duke’s ranking this season. It’s ridiculous, and I’m saying this as a fan) team in the country. Okay, that’s it before I start with the roses are red, violets are blue stuff.

Adrian Bowie, Maryland

I hate Maryland. Sometimes more than North Carolina. But I gotta give credit where credit is due, the Terrapins probably have the cutest team in the ACC. Seriously, go to their roster site and just browse through them. I find Bowie to be the cutest of them all. Well, the cutest of which I could find a good picture. But seriously, damn cute team. Cute.

Lance Hurdle, Miami

He doesnt have the braids anymore. It has drastically increase his hotness quotient.

He doesn't have the braids anymore. It has drastically increase his hotness quotient.

Hurdle is a senior (yes, those still exsist in college basketball) who started 20 games last season and will begin this season starting at guard. He’s ranked third in the ACC in free throw percentage (yes, players can still hit free throws). I find the most interesting thing about Hurdle is that he’s majoring in “Entreperneurship.” Who knew that was a major?

Wayne Ellington, North Carolina

There were no particular reasons why I used this pic. Nope, none at all.

There were no particular reasons why I used this pic. Nope, none at all.

Blah blah blah, Carolina is good, blah blah blah, they’re everyone’s pick to win the national championship, blah blah blah it’s them and everyone else. Yeah, the season is just starting and you’ve already heard it all. They won’t go undefeated (because no team nowadays does) so I’m wondering who’ll they’ll lost to first. We should take bets or something. Anyway, Ellington is hot and totally BFF with Henderson (that’s why I like him) and anything to keep Tyler Hansbrough off this page.

Sylven Landesberg, Virginia

A freshman on the list. He was a McDonald’s All-American. Not much known about him, but he’s 18 and oh so adorable and makes me feel all old and crap for leering at him. So…yeah.

Jeff Teague, Wake Forest

I’m extremely disappointed in Wake. Why don’t they have more hotties? Sad, Wake. That’s just sad. Anyhoo, Teague here isnt a natural shooting guard, but will probably play that position again this year as Ishmael Smith is a better ball handler. Wake is expected to finish third in the ACC this season, and as I like Wake I certainly hope they do.

So those are the hotties from the ACC. Anyone I missed that should be on this list?

11 thoughts on “Hooray! College Basketball Is Here!

  1. I’m glad you agreed with me SA! :)

    But yeah, how is an ACC hotties post complete without pictures of THE SAVIOR COMING TO RESCUE US FROM ARMAGEDDON??

  2. Ugh, Psycho-T, the Beaker of the ACC.

    Gerald’s newly shaved head makes him look even MORE like Grant Hill on my TV, and that is NEVER a bad thing.

    /still can’t believe JDawk isn’t sitting next to Coach K.

  3. Ugh, Psycho-T, the Beaker of the ACC.

    Love him, but he does look kinda like a hot, human version of beaker.

    Ditto #5 Duke- who did Coach K pay for that ranking?

  4. EA Sports drops NCAA Basketball 09 today and one familiar voice you’ll hear in this year’s game is ESPN sideline reporter/internet superstar Erin Andrews. Andrews took a break from jetting across the college sports

  5. Miami coach Randy Shannon is downplaying his team’s spot in the Top 25. Perhaps because a glance at Georgia Tech’s season shows how quickly a team can drop out of the poll. The 23rd-ranked Hurricanes, ranked for the first time in more than

  6. LSU’s streak of Associated Press women’s basketball Top 25 appearances is over — while Connecticut became a unanimous choice at No. 1. The Lady Tigers today fell out of the AP poll for the first time since Feb. 25, 2002, a span of 117

  7. You have NO idea how much I love you right now! I have been searching for hours–literally hours—for a site about sexy college basketball players! I’m a bit out of touch with NCAA scene (Missed most of last season with a family emergency) and am trying to write my own piece. I looked up pics of about 65 of the top 100 players and found maybe 5 attractive. Was starting to think I was crazy because when I used to be an avid fan I thought all the players were hot!
    Then I found your site. And it was so great to find someone like me out here in the sporting world!!!!
    and 2. Your picks were great!!
    I’m definitely going to be a follower of yours!

    I have a feeling you would like my site~ it’s sports put from a pink sparkly hot-guys POV. I have a category called Man of Style I think you’ll find funny.
    Sorry this was so long!

  8. YESSSSS!!! ii love itt JEFF TEAGUESS THE FUGGN BEST– but Gerald Henderson???– reallii?? :: guess everybodyss prettii in their own special way♥♥

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