Hit & Run

In news that only I care about, David Wright and Carlos Beltran get Gold Gloves in the National League.  I’m a little dismayed at the lack of GG love for Santana, who is a joy to watch fielding his position.  Instead, Greg Maddux gets a record 18th Gold Glove for his fielding excellence.

Also winning Gold Gloves were Yadier Molina, Adrian Gonzalez, Jimmy Rollins, Brandon Phillips, Nate McClouth and Shane Victorino.

In other good news for Mets fans, the team picked up the option on Carlos Delgado.  Now, they’ve just got to find a whole new bullpen.

Jamie Langenbrunner scored the winning goal in the Devils’ 4-3 win over the the Lightening.  The Devils also found out that they’d be without their goalie, Martin Brodeur, for 3-4 months.  Ouch.

Amare Stoudemire scored 49 points and the Suns beat the Pacers, 113-103.  He had 21 point in the first period, and continued his offensive onslaught throughout.  Clearly, triple-teaming couldn’t stop him.

But his night wasn’t as good as Mr. Eva Longoria’s (not to be confused with Mr. Evan Longoria) night.  Tony Parker scored 55 points in a double OT 129-125 victory over the Timberwolves.  It was the first victory for the Spurs this season.  Guess they just need more 55-point nights from Parker.

That right there is Urijah Faber, and he lost last night against Mike Brown in a WEC fight.  He’s the cuter of the two, so he gets his pic on here.

8 thoughts on “Hit & Run

  1. Heh, the glove for both of them were well deserved, they foiled many a good hit for my Phils during the season. Congrats to Wright and Beltran, my boys Rollins and Victorino, and the rest of the talented fielders.

  2. Imagine my delight when I clicked on “read the rest of this entry” and saw Jamie! Thanks Metschick! Technically, he scored the winning goal in the shootout. Any mention of a hockey game that I actually give a shit about here is good enough for me!

    By the way, Marty’s replacement, Kevin Weekes, is a good looking man.

  3. Pam: I knew I should’ve mentioned the shootout! I was looking at a pic of Faber and then lost my train of thought.

    And – Weekes is black? I’m always surprised to see black hockey players.

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