Hit & Run: The One Where Work is Sucking the Life-blood Out of Me

This right here is Fernando Martinez, our newest Met. He’s a cutie, and I can’t wait to see more of him this summer. Not only is he cute, but he’s a hell of a ballplayer, with a personality to match. He’s respectful to the veterans, humble, hardworking – everything I want in my team’s top prospect. And he likes dancing in the rain (as do I!):

Speaking of the Mets, I went to buy their cookbook, GourMets, and it’s no longer for sale. But, I am eagerly awaiting the 2008 version of the popular (really?) cookbook. I didn’t know this book was made as far back as the 1980s (yes, I know that link might as well be from 1982, but work with me, people). I’m expecting FMart’s contribution to be the phone number to his local Dominican restaurant.

Lance Mackey (who?) wins the Iditarod (what?) again. The Iditarod is an 1,100-mile dog sled race, and Mackey won both it and the Yukon Quest last year and this year. He’s a cancer survivor, and I wonder when we start inquiring into whether Mackey’s doping. He’s kinda fug, but that dog is adorable.

Delicious David Carr will be joining the New York Giants, as Eli Manning’s backup. Girls of NYC rejoice. Carr is signing a 1-year deal worth $1 million with incentives.

Shelley Duncan of the New York Yankees swears up and down that he didn’t intentionally slide spikes high into Akinori Iwamura of the Tampa Bay Rays in yesterday’s game, a play that caused a brawl. Shelley, please. First of all, your name is a girl’s name! A-hem. Now that that’s out of the way, Shelley, even New York’s new governor could see you did it intentionally – and the man’s legally blind! Anyways, I don’t care if it was intentional, I love a fight.

Tracy McGrady led his Houston Rockets to their 20th straight victory. McGrady scored 28 points, but Luis Scola is hot, so he gets the pic.

I hope you guys can forgive the paucity of items. I’m working 12-hour days, trying to reach a deadline at this job. But soon, I’ll have more time to round up more items, and write more creative pieces.

7 thoughts on “Hit & Run: The One Where Work is Sucking the Life-blood Out of Me

  1. Metsy, it’s OK to have a post with less content if you have a David Carr picture thrown in. Seriously, we forgive. Good luck dealing with work-related crap.

  2. That “word of the day” toilet paper’s coming in handy, Clare. I just don’t understand why they make us use it at work, though.

  3. Come, tiff… join us.


    Don’t mind me. It’s been a long day, and I still gotta be here for a few more hours.

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