Hump Day Hottie: Mr. Heisman

Picking the hottest Heisman finalist from the field of official photos this year was an easy task- the hottie favorite Colt Brennan disqualifies himself by sporting a wicked bad haircut (and looking like that doofy receptionist guy from Private Practice), Chase Daniel manages to look like an unemployed hobo and/or psycho shop teacher, and Tim Tebow could be a member of the Geek Squad from your local Best Buy. Darren McFadden reigns supreme and wins the official photo battle in a walk.

But Tim Tebow emerged victorious from the Downtown Athletic Club on Saturday, claiming the actual Heisman hardware – which, oddly enough, was not awarded based on how hot he looked in his official press photo. So I’m calling uncle, Mr. Tebow. You won the Heisman fair and square (and were the first underclassman to ever win the award), and so I’m finally giving you your very own HDH post. Even though you play for the hated Florida Gators, I must grudgingly acknowledge that you’ve got gorgeous baby blues and a body that just won’t quit. And when you add in the Heisman hardware (whether I thought you deserved it or not), that’s one mighty appealing package. I might even be able to overlook the Florida colors- as long as you promise not to do that stupid Gator chomp thing with your arms.

Just please, please quit taking hair styling tips from Urban Meyer, OK? Less gel and spikes, more natural tousle.

Lots more Heisman-y goodness after the jump…


Who should have won the Heisman:

Hottest ’07 Heisman finalist:

The boys all lined up in NYC:

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14 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Mr. Heisman

  1. I dont totally mind this post, but I was expecting a collection of photos of every finalist, not just Tebow. Goofy photo aside, Colt’s the hottest, hands down.

  2. It’s okay TG, I wont hold it against you!

    Oh, he has a broken hand (as I look at that picture), that explains why he held the trophy like such a fag!

  3. I absolutely love the super-imposed jorts and birks on Tebow. McFadden was robbed AGAIN and now I get to sit around and here reports for the next few months about who MIGHT take him…the suspense is killing me!

  4. TSW,
    Amen. He’s pointy, and that hair…guhhhh. Notsomuch. And the whole “playing for Florida” thing is almost always ugly. I’ve only ever forgiven that one time (Ryan Shealy, Royals 1B/DH), and it still feels weird.

    Did anyone else notice that in all the pictures where Tebow is high-fiving female fans, he’s never looking at them? I’m certain he’s always looking at some boys just out of the frame.

  5. Tebow certainly is a hugger – he hugged everyone at the ceremony – I really thought that Daniel was going to kiss him – that would have been awesome. For what it’s worth – sadly, I think the kid is adorable. It was a good looking class this year.

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