Things I Love

1. Fishing on Father’s Day with my dad in our pond and then having a fish fry for dinner. Mmmmm.

2. Tiger Woods. He had a RIDICULOUS two days at the U.S. Open. Saturday he had an amazing birdie and two amazing eagles to take the lead, then Sunday, after getting off to a rough start, he had a long putt on 18 to force an 18-hole playoff tomorrow. He sunk it, but he didn’t just sink it. It lipped around in the cup and fell. It was so dramatic.

If he hadn’t made that putt, a man named Rocco Mediate, who has never won an Major tournament, would’ve won the Open. And yet… still rooting for Tiger. He’s the Patriots/Yankees (before)/Red Sox (now)/Lakers and/or Celtics of golf. But everybody still wants him to win! It’s ridiculous.

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Father’s Day Aftershave – Who else is going to teach you how to keep score?

Unlike our Mother’s Day Potpourri, the last thing we wanted to do was ask our fathers who they thought was the cutest athlete.  (What if they all picked Joe Namath again? Would they arm wrestle over who got dibs?)

Dads are one of the reasons why we have sports in the first place though!  We can talk sports with our fathers, despite what Lou Piniella says, who needs hotties when you can focus on the game and share a tray of nachos with dear old dad!  So scroll down and join us as we talk baseball, football, and basketball shoes with our dads!

Happy Father’s Day, Dads!

Father’s Day Aftershave – Texas Gal

All I know about sports, and my undying love for them, comes from my Dad.

As the daughter of a coach, I pretty much had to learn sports or perish- and I definitely chose to learn (and love) them. Some of my earliest memories are of me and my mother sitting in the stands on Friday nights and watching my dad coach in football games and waving my black and gold pompom for Lubbock High.

Daddy also made sure I grew up indoctrinated in the Church of the Texas Longhorns. The lullaby he sang to me as a baby wasn’t the standard “Rock A Bye Baby” tune, it was “The Eyes of Texas”. I’m pretty sure I learned to do the Hook ‘Em Horns handsign before I learned to walk. Continue reading

Father’s Day Aftershave – TheStarterWife

(Better video quality can be found here, where I’ve uploaded the clip to UnCut video, which has less compression than YouTube.)

Before we jump in here dear reader, you must know one very important trait about my father – he is possibly one of the driest people on the planet. He speaks in a slow, measured tone and considers every single word before it leaves his mouth. This isn’t to say that he is cold and distant, because he is a very warm and funny man, but he is just so very, very dry. Continue reading

Father’s Day Aftershave – Metschick

For as long as I can remember, my dad’s been watching baseball.  He didn’t introduce me to the Mets (I came to love them all by myself), but he did introduce me to baseball.  I remember showing him baseball cards and being amazed that he recognized the majority of the faces on those cards.  (I was obviously easily impressed.)  The tables have now turned, and he comes to me for stats and other information.  There’s no one else I’d rather watch a game with than my dad.  As a matter of fact, he’s the person I invited to the Mets’ home opener this year.  I don’t have any particularly funny stories to share about our quiet afternoons and evenings spent watching the Mets or the Red Sox or any other team via Extra Innings – just a Happy Father’s Day wish for the most amazing man I know.

Father’s Day Aftershave – Lady Andrea

Much like last time when she asked her mother directly for an answer for her Mother’s Day Potpourri post, Andrea is the only one brave enough to email her father weloveyoudad.jpgweloveyoudad.jpgfor a story to share on Father’s Day. So here’s to Andrea’s papa, and the two kids, (her brother Adam is in the picture), who love him!

I talked with my dad on the phone in preparation for this post and for Father’s Day. We got to talking about when he was involved in sports back before he was just a supportive spectator for my brother and me at countless basketball tournaments Continue reading