Knowing Your Hot Owners – Bernie Kosar

 (Second in our series of looking at the hotties behind who pay for hotties on the teams – the hot owners. Don’t worry, Mark, we’ll get to you.)

Did you know that Bernie Kosar was the part-owner of the Florida Panthers?  Neither did I, but I was more than happy to add him to the list of hot owners.

What makes Bernie a hottie:

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Hottie Vision – Mark Cuban

Perhaps the most unconventional hottie that’s been featured on Hottie Vision, Mark Cuban isn’t normally the guy that comes to mind when you think “hottie”. But Mark is that kind of sexy that comes from a combination of intelligence, wit, power and more than a touch of geeky enthusiasm. His undying love for sports is part of what makes him so attractive- and I won’t lie, the possibility that he could buy the Cubs makes me happier than, well, a kid on an Easter Sunday morning egg hunt.

Mark appeared this week on “Mad Money” on CNBC, in a special program broadcasting from Indiana University (his alma mater). He talks about everything from the Mavs to his advice to new entrepreneurs to Youtube to the possibility of buying the Cubs. After the jump, check out the videos of his two segments on the show- an interview and a Q&A with the audience.

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Knowing Your Hot Owners – Wyc Grousbeck, Boston Celtics

(First in a series highlighting some of the hotter pro-sports team owners.  There are some gems to be found among all those pasty old white men.  Don’t worry, Mark, we’ll get to you.)

What makes Wyc Grousbeck a hottie  –

Plays drums in a classic rock band, French Lick.

A degree in history from Princeton,  JD from Michigan Law School, and MBA from Stanford Business School.  Hot, hot, hot.   Continue reading