Please Retire, Chuck

When I mention my love of MMA to most non-fight friends know only one fighter: Chuck Liddell. It doesn’t matter that he has lost three of his last four fights. Maybe it’s his acting “career,” the fact that he briefly dated Willa Ford before she married Mike Modano, or his sweet tattoo. Still, people know him, so it’s not great for the UFC that their best known fighter was KO’ed on Saturday night. So Chuck, here is my plea to you: please retire.

Even if you dont know the UFC, you know Chuck Liddell

Even if you don't know the UFC, you know Chuck Liddell.

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Hump Day Hottie: Roger Huerta

I have been looking forward to doing this particular Hump Day Hottie since I began writing for Ladies… Waiting for the right time to share this hot, hot man was killer. This is Roger “El Matador” Huerta, an a mixed martial artist in the lightweight division of the UFC. He will be fighting Kenny Florian next Saturday, and the winner most likely will get a title shot. Please, do enjoy.

In this fight, he is using the jumbotron to see where to properly land his punches. Swoon!

See why I like MMA?

Weekend Bang-Bang and Mail Bag Hottie

Got links you want included as a Bang-Bang Play? Got an athlete you think would make an excellent Mail Bag Hottie? Email us!

“…who probably just ensured that Las Vegas will never ever ever ever ever get an NBA franchise. Ever.” I couldn’t agree more. [LOLJocks]

Calling everyone who played – or didn’t play – high school sports in Los Angeles. It is time for the L.A. High School Alumni Basketball Tournament benefiting Garfield High School. []

Someone is taking the Penguins signing Ty Conklin better than I am. Bad juju all over him. [Pittsburgh Sports and Mini-Ponies]

Best athlete character names in film . [Joe Sports Fan]

My favorite number-cruncher examines what goes into a “save”. [Kermit the Blog]

Special Guest Editor Andrea profiles Will Leitch (who?) for the “100 Most ‘Influential’ People in Sports”. [A Price Above Bip Roberts]

Picture of a giant bass? I’ll link to that. [Sports Gone South]

And finally, thanks to Larry Brown of Larry Brown Sports for putting together a great night of LA sports bloggers this week. Miss Gossip of Fanhouse Fame, Brooks and Jason from Sports from Brooks, Lion in Oil guys, NBA nuts The Association, HC from You’ve Been Blinded, the LAist’s Adam, BoiFromTroy, and a few more I am sure I am forgetting. (Thanks for all the drinks!)  Update – Larry has the page up [Larry Brown Sports]

And our Mail Bag Hottie of the Week…

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