Happy 2010!

2009…was it good for you?

Ah, the heady memories! We drank Dr. Pepper and made Super Bowl predictions. We said goodbye to many dear Ladies… and welcomed new ones. We toured Citi Field, Yankee Stadium, Nationals Park, Kaufmann, Busch Stadium, Appleton and the home of the Staten Island Yankees. Oh, and Wimbledon! We analyzed playoff beards (I still maintain this was the worst), sports movie crushes, pitching mechanics and AJ Burnett’s fashion choices. We swapped recipes. We shunned Brett Favre, with no future signs of unshunning. We witnessed history, Steve Nash playing soccer and a Bills win. We stared in adoration at more than a few pitchers. We said thanks to a pioneer. And who could forget our epic MLB All-Star Game liveblog, not to mention hotties too numerous to list.

Thank you, readers, for a fabulous year! We look forward to more of the same in 2010. And if the Yankees repeat, even better!

The Ladies … Give Thanks

I am thankful both these men wear Cardinal red.

Games Mistress is thankful both of these men wear Cardinal red.

Happy (American) Thanksgiving from the Ladies!

While we’re thankful for family, friends, and the chance to stuff ourselves with food while in the company of said family and friends, we here at Ladies… are also thankful for what the sports world has given us over the past year.

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Ladies… Guide to Thanksgiving Day Hotties


One of the many reasons I love football...too bad we're not on speaking terms right now.

One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving, besides the food, is football!  So to get you ready for tomorrow’s games, I thought I’d showcase a few hotties from the six NFL teams playing tomorrow.  Some of you have rooting interests in the game, whether it be personal preferences or fantasy points.  For those of you who don’t have any rooting interests, here are some hotties that might just keep you interested in the games.


Follow me after the jump for some hotties to keep an eye out for on Turkey Day!

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It’s 4PM, have some Ryan Braun

Ok, it’s way past (or way before)  4PM, but that’s the name of the local magazine who’s current fashion issue features Milwaukee Brewer Ryan Braun. Since I failed to post on Monday, here’s some pre-Thanksgiving, sort-of Hump Day Hottie eye candy – keeps the tummy empty but warms the heart just before the holiday.

Here’s a tease, but follow the jump for some more pictures as well as a video of the cover shoot.

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