Looks, Talent – These Brothers Have it All


While watching the Minnesota Wild play against the Canadiens recently, the commentator reminded me that the Wild’s Mikko Koivu has a brother Saku who plays for Montreal. Both brothers are captains this year. I already know Mikko is very cute, so I wondered what his brother looks like. Well, here he is. That got me to thinking … how many other brother hotties are there in professional sports that are good looking? You’ll see my top pics after the break.

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Your Vote Counts


While we all should get out to vote today, and I’m sure we’ll all be relieved to be done with the television advertisements, polls, signs and flyers, I’m here to remind you that there is another vote that must be cast. The Major League Baseball 2008 This Year In Baseball Awards. Cast your vote here. Follow me after the break to see who I’m rooting for.

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Post #1,000: The Ultimate Hottie

As luck would have it, I get to be the person who puts together our 1,000 post — even though, as the newest Lady, I’ve probably accounted for the smallest share of those 1,000. I feel like I should be giving a little speech, but you don’t really want to hear (or read) a speech, do you? You want to see our overall number one hottie.

When we started this countdown, each Lady was pretty much given free reign to pick whoever she wanted for her individual list, as I’m sure you noticed. The one rule we agreed on was that the overall number one hottie would be someone who wasn’t on any of the individual lists. If we hadn’t had that rule, you would have seen this particular gentleman’s picture at least four times in the past two weeks. He is well-loved in this corner of the Internet.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, presenting the Ladies Ultimate Hottie ….
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1000th Post Countdown: Personal Number ONE!

It's a pinata, because it's a celebration of hotness. Go ahead, take a whack (or something less suggestive!)

Here they are. Each Ladies… number 1 personal pick. Tomorrow will be our group overall, but these gentlemen are tops in each of our individual books. They are beautiful. They are sentimental. They are MEN. And we love them. We hope you do too!

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