The Ladies … Pick the Postseason (Baseball Edition)

AP/Mark Avery)

Will anyone take the Angels out? (Source: AP/Mark Avery)

October is my favorite sports month of the year, mainly for two reasons.  We’ll talk about the second one next week.  This week, I switched days with SA so I could start October off right: talking about postseason baseball.

This is the first time in many seasons I have not had a clear favorite in either league.  I kind of think people are forgetting about the Angels, though, just because they clinched their division ages ago.  So my picks for the postseason are:
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Gearing up for some big games

I have a few big sporting events coming up. As you may have heard, my Cubs are in the playoffs. Also, I am roadtripping to see my Missouri Tigers take on the Nebraska Cornhuskers in Lincoln. Obviously, I need to be dressed well, whether I’m sitting in the last row of Memorial Stadium — yes, my seats are in the last row — or on my couch, stressing through a Cubs game. Join me to shop after the jump.

Best. Sweatshirt. Ever.

Best. Sweatshirt. Ever.

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Hump Day Hottie: Willie Parker

During the Ladies… fantasy football draft, my computer went a little wonky, and froze right after my first pick. By the time I got everything working again, the computer had autodrafted Willie Parker for me. I didn’t want Willie Parker. No reason, really, it was more that I just wasn’t feelin’ it. Judging by his first two weeks (243 yds, 3 TDs), I was wrong. I’m sorry Willie. Please consider this collection of your hotness an official apology, and take me back with open arms.

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Carlos Zambrano Throws A No-Hitter! WOOT!

I was born into a Cubs family, and have been a Cubs fan since I donned my first Jody Davis jersey at age 4. I have been through many ups and downs with my team, but one thing I have not watched them do (in addition to winning a World Series) is throw a no-hitter. My wait is over. Carlos Zambrano just threw a no-hitter — the first Cubbie no-hitter since Milt Pappas in 1972. Congrats to Big Z, and thank you for letting me witness it.

Thats right -- no hitter.

That's right -- no hitter.

The Best Ways to Score

During the Bears win over the Colts on Sunday night, my beloved Bears scored by a safety. The safety is, without question, my favorite way to score. I love defense, and the safety is the only way for the defense to give the team some points doing what they do best — stuffing the offense. Of course, Lance Briggs scored a TD on a Marvin Harrison fumble, but that was imitating the offense, not laying people out and getting points for it. This made me think about my other favorite ways to win/score …

Courtesy the Chicago Tribune

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