Advent Calendar of Hotness Day 23: All the Staals

Since we’re all missing the NHL and I’m running a little late with this post, Christmas Eve seems like a good day to give you Ginger dreams.

Mama Staal done us right by producing not one, but four adorable hockey hotties to make your spirits bright.

One again, gets the credit for most of the below images.

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Hit and Run: I’m too hot to come up with a theme

World Cup Soccer

Hope Solo shall have none of your silly goal scoring nonsense. (Photo: Getty Images)

We hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend! I’m still unpacking and cleaning up gear from the Great Island Campout of 2011, in which I did not end up on Princess Kate Watch and did not get to celebrate Brad Richards signing with the Maple Leafs.

And tonight? It’s warm! Summer warm! Finally! Also building heat is Team USA, who defeated Columbia 3-0 yesterday in Women’s World Cup action in Germany. The win clinches them a spot in the quarter finals. They face Sweden tomorrow at 2:45 ET.

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Your 2009-10 NHL Hotness Preview: Southeast Division

So none of these guys are after the jump, but I had to include some of my hot Caps in this post.

So none of these guys are after the jump, but I had to include some of my hot Caps in this post.

Tomorrow, tomorrow…I love you, tomorrow. You’re only a day away!!!  Now that I’ve got that stuck in your head…I can’t wait until tomorrow.  NHL regular season gets underway tomorrow!!  If you don’t have DirecTV, be sure to check out the double header on Versus starting at 7 EST.  Caps vs. Bruins is first, followed by Sharks vs. Avalanche.

Now it’s onto the preview of the Southeast Division.

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Theme Thursday: Is it Hockey Season Yet?

Since Games Mistress is busy gallivanting around Europe (lucky bum!), I have taken over her Theme Thursday duties.  Since we didn’t have a winner the last go-round, I took it upon myself to do a little research and come up with my own.  Since I’m missing hockey like whoa, I thought I would bring some NHL love back to the site.

Take a guess as to what these three NHLers have in common after the jump!

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Theme Thursday: Hopefully More Difficult This Time

Todays image is NOT: monkeys, stuffed animals, or things I might buy as a baby gift.

Today's theme is NOT: monkeys, stuffed animals, or things I might buy as a baby gift.

Congratulations to MJ28, who not only won last week’s Theme Thursday, but set a new world record in doing so.   You all are getting entirely too good at this game.  I’m hoping this week will be more of a challenge.  Only the exact answer will be given bragging rights; getting only the easy part doesn’t count.  If someone gets this one in less than an hour I’m going to have to start consulting Elias or something.  Good luck!

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Stanley Cup Eastern Conference Semifinal Preview

Well I just got back from the best Game 7, OK the only Game 7, I’ve ever witnessed!  As of this morning, my voice is a little scratchy, but well worth the pain.   After being down 3-1 in the series, the Washington Capitals battled back and took down the New York Rangers.  Sergei Fedorov saved the day with his wicked slapshot with about 5 minutes to go in regulation.  The rest as they say is history.  The other Game 7 last night was also quite amazing.  Eric Staal scored on Marty Brodeur with 31.7 seconds to go in a 3-3 game, and the No. 6 seeded Carolina Hurricanes took down the New Jersey Devils.  

So now the match-ups for the East are set, and it’s onto the preview of the Eastern Conference Semifinals…

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