Big Ten Hangover: A Real Hangover

The plan was to attend Friday’s games, get tons of pictures, come back with exciting stories and watch Iowa make their 4th trip in 7 tries to the finals of the tournament. Somehow, we manage to get our shit together for the Big Ten Tournament. However, we ended up being so bad in our quarterfinal match-up against Purdue that we didn’t even make the NIT. Seriously, as my friend Jebus put it: that’s like being turned down by a hooker. So, no fun stories, no great pictures. Just a helluva real hangover. (That picture came up when I searched for “suicide watch” and it made me laugh really hard).

The Hottie MVP is OSU’s Michael Conley Jr. He’s just a lil’ fella, but he’s a cutie. To the surprise of, well, no one, the Big Ten tourney final was a rematch of Ohio State and Wisconsin. I thought this game would be hotly contested and close the whole way; the regular-season meetings were decided by a total of 4 points. However, OSU handed Wisconsin a huge beat-down and secured themselves a #1 seed. I’ve already shown you the hot guy, so if you’d like to hear more of my thoughts about the NCAA bracket, come on in…. Continue reading

Mountain West Hangover – Tacos for all! (Including you Matt Leinart)

BREAKING NEWS CONNECTION – We just finally put the pieces together and realized BYU Hottie Jordan Cameron’s sister is Brynn Cameron, USC Woman’s basketball player and mother to Matt Leinart’s baby. Thanks to LenBias’s Connection and Lady Andrea for putting that together tonight!

Huzzah! UNLV and BYU gets invited to the NCAA tourney as 7 and 8 seeds! Air Force and San Diego State get to go to the NIT! Tacos for all! (New to the site? Welcome aboard! You can read about BYU’s Jordan Cameron’s love of Jack in the Box tacos here.)

But we’re taking UNLV’s Wendell White as our Hottie MWC MVP, because well… he’s hot and his team won the tourney championship. UNLV was able to snatch the title from outright season-league title holder BYU, (I never got that. Pick one winner. Not two.) in their 78-70 victory.

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PAC-10 Hangover – The Biggest Loser Edition

Thank you Oregon.  Thank you Cal.  As a non-native Angeleno, there is nothing I enjoy more than seeing both UCLA and USC fail.   And fail they did.    

Thank you Bryce Taylor, (who I had picked on my All-Hottie PAC-10 team), for dominating yesterday’s title game.    Seriously?  11 for 11 from the field,  7  for 7  in three-point range, and perfect foul point shooting?  That giant “O” on your uni must be for “OMG! Hot and talented!” 

And even though this should be Oregon’s glory time, the real story is how other teams came up short.

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Big West Hangover: Dwelt a miner 49er

#1 Long Beach St. defeats #2 Cal Poly. This was the second tournament I’ve hung over where the semis were the #1, #2, #3 and #5 teams and it was about as exciting as that last sentence. Cal Poly made it a game most of the way, but by the end the fightin’ 49ers of Long Beach kept a comfortable 10 point lead down the stretch.

The Hottie MVP is Long Beach State’s freshman guard at 6’3, 170: Darnell Porter. Hello Darnell. Are you over 18? Not that that’s necessarily a deal-breaker. Long Beach is most like going to be slotted into a #14 seed spot and since 14-3 upsets are becoming more common, the 49ers may not be one-and-done.

America East Hangover: SCOOBY DOO!

The America East Conference tourney was fairly run-of-the-mill. The only lower seed to beat a higher seed before the finals was #5 UMBC beating #4 Maine in the first round. The finals were a match-up between #1 Vermont v. #2 Albany. I watched the game and it was a decent ball game, in the sense that the score was always close. The style of play was a little slow. It definitely is not the run-n-gun style of the bigger programs, but it was a dogfight, which makes for good viewing. The score seesawed back and forth all game; the largest lead was when Albany went up 27-20 in the first half. By the end of the game, it was a 1-pt contest, but to read about the strange final minute of play, jump with me (jump, jump!)… Continue reading

Patriot League Hangover – Collector’s Card

Congratulations Holy Cross!  You get your own card Hottie MVP Keith Simmons! (No relation to The Sports Guy, so calm down out there.)

Hooptimeonline did some great live-blogging from the Holy Cross – Bucknell championship game, (How does one live-blog in an arena?), and I cannot hope to top that for coverage.  (Unless I could have live-blogged from inside the locker room.)

Simmons was not on my initial Patriot League All-Conference Hottie Team Panty Raid, but after seeing his bod in action I knew I had to make a switch.

Which makes the Holy Cross Zach Paterick card that more valuable, so double check your collections.

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Big Sky Hangover – A recap in MSPaint

Congratulations Weber State, you managed to hold on to your 21 point lead and defeat Northern Arizona 88-80.  Your invitation to the Big Dance is now secure.   (Although hand it to the Lumberjacks.  The fought back and came to within in 2 points of tying the game up late in the second half. Pity, because I was kinda rooting for Northern Arizona.) 

So join me and hit Start->Programs->Accessories->Paint.    And we ain’t resizing a thing.

Your winning Hottie MVP –  Juan Pablo Silveria.

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