Five for Friday: Superstar Owners

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Smoldering Justin is everybody’s favourite Justin

Remember when Justin Timberlake was a musician? Neither do I. But according to this report, he’ll soon be adding “Memphis Grizzlies co-owner” to his list of roles which currently include actor, SNL quasi-regular, and Jessica Biel arm candy. That’s great. So instead of recording a followup already to 2006’s Futuresex/Love Sounds we’ll have to settle for seeing his mug at Grizzlies games.

(Hey, it’s a good pop album.)

Timberlake isn’t the first celebrity investor to pour truckloads of cash into a sports franchise, however ill-advised it can be. Here’s five more that come to mind:
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No, really, it is still football.

 To their surprise, the boys over at It’s Still Football recently found themselves holding press passes for the Arena Bowl.  To our surprise, TC and Joe agreed to photograph the prettiest players for our viewing enjoyment.  Take it away, guys…

Brett Deitz has already been mentioned as a possible Ladies… favorite [despite his wonky eye seen here…–ed.]. He’s the co-ROY, plays for Tampa Bay, and he brought Tampa Bay from a shitty team to a playoff contender.



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