Better get your tux out of mothballs: The hotties of the Philadelphia Phillies

Together with their manager Charles Fuqua Manuel
The Philadelphia Phillies
cordially invite you to
A Party of Pants
on Saturday, the seventh of July
two thousand and seven
One Citizens Bank Way
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Meet your hosts and R.S.V.P. after the jump.

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East Coast Pants Party: Come one, Come all!


With the Midwest Pants Party now over, it’s time to focus on the Big Apple and our very own Pants Party! 

When: Friday, June 22nd, 7:10 pm
Where: Shea Stadium
What:  A’s vs. Mets

I’ve already purchased a block of 25 seats in Upper Reserved Section 20, rows B, C, D, & E (seats 12-16 – and a few more – in each of those rows).  Those have already been snapped up.  But if you’re interested in coming, lemme know.  We’re also meeting up before the game at the Beer Garden in Astoria.  Fun times for all!

UPDATE: Tickets in Sec. 20, Row A are still available.  Also, Sportsgirl365 of Strike Zones and End Zones has some extras. Her email’s on the side bar of her site.

Midwest Pants Party: So Many Hotties

Friday morning I had my car packed and ready; I practically had it sitting outside my classroom building with the door open and the engine running. As soon as I finished a final, I was off for the Windy City. I put the iPod on the Country playlist (old school country, none of this faux-country crap) and I made it to downtown Chicago in excellent time. I was staying at the same hotel as Mr. Deadspin himself (I know! It’s like staying at the same hotel as The Beatles!), so we cabbed it out to Schaller’s Pump together around 2:00 pm. Also, I need to be upfront about this on the front page of the article: Will, I’m sorry I’ve been pronouncing your name wrong all this time. You’re right, it’s like the blood-sucking parasite. I looked it up: it’s Scottish, not German. Sorry Will.

Update: We now have video of Raskolnikov’s performance of the night and  Goathair’s awesome rendition of “Hey Ya.” Will Leitch’s (Leech) video is over at DeadOn. Continue reading