Blogger Invitational Tournament Championship of Hotness

Despite the very clear directions we laid out for them (ONE PHOTO! ONE LINK!) some of the guys who wanted to be included in the bracket just couldn’t get it right. So we didn’t include them. Ha!

But the weisenheimers who mentioned a hot blogger invitational did give us a good idea for what to do with these fellas. We are nothing if not fickle Ladies, and since the pool of bloggers continues to dwindle, here are three more blogger hotties for your perusal.

Welcome…to The BITCH.

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Hot Blogger Bracket – Math? We don’t need no stinking math

Hello Bracketeers!

Have you ever tried to run a bracket with 88 teams? It’s pretty fucking hard, and we’d like to think we’re pretty smart dames.  More than half of us, (I think, again this math thing is hard), can cop to taking AP Calc in high school.  I even was a calculus tutor in college if you can believe that.

88 teams.  Doesn’t work with 16 very well.   Something about the power of 2, and I had to have that explained to me by someone else, well, because college was awhile ago now.  So what does that mean for you Bracketeers?  It is not as fucked as it seems… Continue reading