The Ladies… Fantasy League

So like every other person in the world we here at Ladies have our own fantasy football league. The thing is, I’m typically a lazy person and just didn’t tell all of you about it. I did, don’t get me wrong. But being lazy is so much easier than writing a post about a league where the commissioner started out sucking and is just now getting on track and is within looking distance of the leaders.


So I think this is the perfect week to get everyone updated on the status of the league and some of our, um, interesting team names. And a little surprise on who else is in the league.

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Hottie Hit & Run: Hot men are evidence that God exists…

O Hai there Ryan Lochte and Jay-Z. Is it some sort of rule that Olympic medalists have to carry those things around for the entire year after the games are over? That would get annoying. I mean they don’t really go with anything… On the plus side, I was super-afraid Lochte was going to fade into obscurity after the Olympics whilest The Phelps took over the stinking world. But no. He’s staying out in the limelight, looking hot, and quite dapper I might add. So keep it up Ryan, I love the suit. Although I prefer the Speedo, I’m okay with Armani as well.

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It’s Here. And I Can’t Get Away From It.

The Ladies… had our Fantasy Football draft Wednesday night, and I’m in the midst of what Basketbawful calls drafterglow.. I feel like I have an awesome team, I’m going to smash everybody, and end the season being carried out on everyone’s shoulders or something ridiculous like that. However, I had three players play yesterday – Chris Cooley, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Amani Toomer – and got not a single point from them. Nineteen yards between the three of them! Screw those guys.

But still, I’m optimistic. I’ve got some very good big name players, some players I was hoping to get, and a pretty hot team, considering. And I got this guy here:

I hate Tom Brady.  But he is the best.

I hate Tom Brady. But he is the best.

Other than him, I got…
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Welcome back, NFL: Eli, urine, and more

Thanks to this website, I am losing my NFL fantasy league virginity. We held the draft of the Ladies… league last night, and let me tell you, it is HARD to watch Rebublican National Convention coverage and Project Runway while drafting a fantasy team for which I didn’t pre-rank anyone at all. What an adventure. So here’s how my vewwwy fiwst dwaft went…

Eli Manning, NYG

QB1: Eli Manning, NYG

Eli Manning will be under center in 2008’s first NFL game tonight against Washington. Check it out on NBC! Woooo it’s NFL time! (But it is also still baseball season! I <3 my life!)

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Andrea’s Fantasy… Football

There have recently been some questions regarding fantasy football.  Now, this post is not going to be breaking down each position with rankings and whatnot.  Those lists can be found everywhere.  What I am here to do is to explain basically how the game is played and which sites I like the best for fantasy football.

Rotisserie chicken rules.  Rotisserie baseball sucks.

Rotisserie chicken rules. Rotisserie baseball sucks.

Unlike Fantasy Baseball, which is frequently played in two different styles (rotisserie and head-to-head), Fantasy Football is largely played head-to-head.  (At least, that’s been my experience.)  What that means is that once you have your team, you will face off against somebody else’s team each week.  Each team accumulates points based on how their players do in the real games and whichever team has more points gets a win.  Then there are overall standings based on the win-loss records.  So if in the first 5 weeks I beat Metschick, lost to SA, beat Minda, beat Chitown Chick and lost to Dame of Extra Time, I’d be 3-2 overall.

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