Put Your Back Back Back Into It: Ladies… Home Run Derby Liveblog 2012

If you can’t be in Kansas City tonight, LIKE MISS MINDA (JEALOUS! But we still love you to bits!), hanging out with the rest of us Ladies… is the next best thing. So come on back to the blog at 7:30 EST, pour a glass of wine and snark with us at our annual Home Run Derby Liveblog. We’re trying a new host this time around, over at G-Snap, so you may need to bear with us as we get used to the new platform. If all goes well, we’ll be G-Snapping our way through the All-Star Game Tuesday and the London Olympics as well. Let us know what you think of it, eh?

Here’s the link: http://gsnap.com/ladiesdotdotdot/4338

See you tonight! GO CANO!

Welcome to Buffalita’s Bachelorette! (Part 1)

Never mind Kate and William, or those rumours about Brangelina finally tying the knot. The Wedding We Care About here at Ladies… is that of our own Buffalita, who will be exchanging vows with the soon-to-be Mr. Buffalita next weekend.

Unfortunately, time, money and geography prevents us Ladies… from throwing her a proper bachelorette party, complete with wine, taco dip and game of washers (WHAT! A game of washers was completely acceptable at my baby shower! Maritimers know how to party, yo!)

So instead, we’re sending our best wishes in true Ladies… fashion with this series of posts dedicated to the Best Bride-to-be in NY State. Who needs a male *ahem* exotic dancer when you can run a series of photos of handsome athletes instead? (Besides, it eliminates that messy tipping…)

Let this song set the mood and join us after the jump to see who I picked for Part 1 of Buff’s Bachelorette.

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MLB All-Star Game Shoe Porn

Apparently Mr. Ronaldo was the first futbol player to sport the orange cleats that littered the World Cup this summer. He debuted them back in October of 2009, if my sources are correct.

Shoes seem to be such a hot topic these days.  First, we had the whole orange shoe craze at the World Cup, now the flashy shoes have infiltrated the MLB All-Star Game.  Everyone’s favorite announcers, Chris Berman and Joe Morgan, were all abuzz about David Ortiz’s shoes that they forgot to talk about all the home runs he was hitting.

So join me after the jump, where we take a look at some All-Star Game foot fashion. Forget the long ball, chicks dig the shoes.

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Congrats are in order…

This week’s post is a bit more of a Hit and Run, but I figured with all of the hype around the All Star break, mayyyybe we should mention the fact that SPAIN WON THE WORLD CUP!!! Congrats to España, and also to Big Papi, who somehow managed to be pitted against Hanley Ramwhinerez and beat him in the final round of this year’s Home Run Derby 11-5.

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The Ladies …go (All) Star Gazing

Albert will be there.  Probably doing this.

Albert will be there. Probably doing this.

The All-Star break is fast approaching, but the Ladies aren’t just going to hang out at home like all the non-selected players.  Well, we are, but we’re also going to be at our computers bringing you not one, but two liveblogs: the Home Run Derby Monday night, and the All-Star Game itself Tuesday.  Make sure you bookmark our new Liveblog Central page — better yet, head on over there now and sign up to receive an email reminder in case your weekend gets a little out of control.

There will be baseball, there will be friendly wagering, there will be much mocking of Berman and McCarver on the appropriate days.   We’ll be using Cover It Live, so our lovely, witty commenters can join in on the fun.  Come on, you know you’re watching it anyway.  Why not watch it with us?

Justin Morneau and Josh Hamilton – Both Winners

Look at those forearm muscles.


With five home runs in the final round, Justin Morneau won the Home Run Derby last night, but no one can dispute that Josh Hamilton – who notched 28 home runs in the first round and four in the second without even using all his outs – was a winner as well. When we look at them, we’re all winners…

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Home Run Derby contest

It’s not mud wrestling or a pillow fight, but the Ladies… are riled up about tonight’s Home Run Derby. We’ve made our picks, and the winner will get to do something…mysterious and totally cool. (Also known as, we haven’t figured out what we want to do yet.)

The lineup:

Evan Longoria:  Chitown Chick
Josh Hamilton: Metschick
Ryan Braun:  Misstress Christina
Lance Berkman: La M Alana
Justin Morneau:  Lady Andrea and Cinnamon Girl
Dan Uggla: The Dame of Extra Time
Chase Utley:  SA
Grady Sizemore:  Miss Minda

Baseball Break Time

We have reached the All-Star break and guess who are the best 3 teams in the National League?  The Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs.  The NL Central rocks this year.  Fear the Midwesterners!  The Dutch girl picked us!  Us!  Not you!  Holland loves the NL Central, thank you Amsterdam, good night!

I enjoy the All-Star break.  Sure, it’s 3 days without real baseball, but I like the Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game.  Should it decide home field advantage in the World Series?  HELL NO (2004stillbitterfreakinRedSoxgrumblegrumbleharumphharumph).  But I love how the players goof around with each other while cute little kids run around.  Since Cinnamon Girl already delightfully highlighted the All Stars, I’d like to take this chance to highlight the Derby guys.  The Home Run Derby airs tonight at 8/7 central on ESPN.  Tune in for a Bugs & Cranks liveblog!

Lance Berkman

The thing that ate Lance Berkman, really.

The thing that ate Lance Berkman, really.

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Baseballs. Bats. Berman. Liveblogging the Home Run Derby

What’s more fun than a meaningless Home Run Derby that drags on for 3 hours, broadcast by a Baker-Berman tagteam (and assisted by Kenny Mayne… in a kayak), chockfull of 1,000 player’s kids plus lameass interviews of both Bonds AND ARod? That same Home Run Derby… when liveblogged by the Ladies…!

Ryan Howard doesn’t have time for ballcaps- he’s got HRs to hit!

Each of the Ladies… claimed one of the 8 Derby participants for her very own– and then we all gathered together to revel in the inanity, discuss the intricacies of the hot butts on display, and make fun of ARod. Play along with us after the jump…

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The Field Is Set. And It’s Full of Hotties.

The wait is finally over. After Miggy Cabrera got hurt and had to pull out (ahem) of the Home Run Derby, and Bonds and Griffey declined to participate, the Derby roster was up in the air. Now we know. The final slot for the Home Run Derby was just filled, and everyone can now look forward to the presence of smokin’ hottie Matt Holliday, in addition to recent additions Albert Pujols and Alex Rios (who were added over the weekend). Thanks to MLB for picking the most scrumptious forearm-y picture of Matt for the headline photo:

Plus, the starting pitchers for Tuesday’s game have also just been announced- and it will be hotties Dan Haren (AL) from the A’s and Jake Peavy (NL) from the Padres taking the mound. Yet another reason to tune in.

We’ll be liveblogging the Derby tonight – so look for a post detailing all the hottie highlights tomorrow. And for the definitive guide to all the All-Star Hotties, check out Lady A’s post.