Diamond Dolls – Tax Day Edition

Today’s that special day all of America looks forward to with giddy anticipation each spring- Tax Day! While not much happens on Tax Day that is any fun, it does give us a perfect opportunity to audit some of the latest happenings in college baseball. And just to brighten your world after those IRS-induced headaches, I’ve got pictures of a hottie from every team discussed.

Vanderbilt reigns atop the Top 25 rankings after going 3-1 last week, so the above-the-cut hottie honors go to Vandy catcher Shea Robin. Not only is he a Texan who wears my lucky number 17, his picture was the first that made me stop and take a second look. It’s that catcher’s build, I tell you.

More NCAA baseball goodness after the jump…

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Diamond Dolls – College Baseball Roundup

I realize that many folks- especially those in what I will call the “Yankee” (read: “cold”) region of the country- may not know much about college baseball. But in the South (as well as California and Arizona), college baseball is a big deal. You get all the tradition, atmosphere and rivalries that go along with college athletics, without the egos and entitlement of the majors. It’s like minor league baseball with a little less desperation and a little more innocence (and without the annoying ballpark promotions and mascots). If you’ve never been to the College World Series in Omaha, you’re missing out on one of life’s greatest experiences.

So Andie and I will be giving you the hard sell, to try and entice you over to the beauty that is college baseball with periodic roundups and hottie features. Do not fear the aluminum bat- you can love the PING! as well as the CRACK!

First up, bringing you up to speed:

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