Ladies… Linkups: “It’s Friday morning and I’m tired” edition

Oh...FFS (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

Oh...FFS (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

I’m still feeling the effects of two weeks of sleep deprivation, baseball-related and otherwise. Enjoy these links while I get my act together. Please send for coffee!

It’s from three days ago, but this had us gals in a lather. Many thanks to CuteSports. [ L.A. Times]

Is it too early in the morning for math? Here’s the most recent work of art from Mr. Robinson. [Flip Flop Fly Ball]

Er, um…wow. [Deadspin]

We also say good morning to Ladies… Emeritus The Starter Wife and thank her for the Pizza Dip love!! Now go plan your weekend around her divine French Dip and Blood Orange Bourbon.

And many thanks to Babes Love Baseball for introducing me to the Green Man. I am considerably disturbed now.

No gratutitous hottie this morning as I have a total soft spot for adorable children at baseball games, even if they are cheering for the wrong team.

awww... (AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi)

awww... (AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi)

Foodie Friday: Bee’s Football Chili with BONUS BEER REVIEW


Oooh! Look at Adrian among the fall colours (photo: Getty Images)

With sweater weather in full swing and four weeks of fabulous NFL football under our belts, our palates crave the mellow, hearty tastes of autumn: apple pie, squash and pumpkin, free range turkey roasting in the oven stuffed with two boxes of Stove Top (I realize that this kind of defeats the purpose of the whole free-from-processed-crap slow-food movement, but damn, Stove Top is tasty!)

While a recipe for roast turkey would be more fitting this weekend as it is Canadian Thanksgiving, I realize that I did promise a chili recipe quite a while ago. Promise fulfilled after the jump.

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The Ladies… Fantasy League

So like every other person in the world we here at Ladies have our own fantasy football league. The thing is, I’m typically a lazy person and just didn’t tell all of you about it. I did, don’t get me wrong. But being lazy is so much easier than writing a post about a league where the commissioner started out sucking and is just now getting on track and is within looking distance of the leaders.


So I think this is the perfect week to get everyone updated on the status of the league and some of our, um, interesting team names. And a little surprise on who else is in the league.

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