Hump Day Hottie: Cole Hamels, Part 2

With the NLCS starting tomorrow I thought it was appropriate to feature a hottie on one of the last four teams in. Who better than Phillies ace Cole Hamels. I know, he’s been a HDH before. But that doesn’t mean he can’t be one again. And the way he’s been pitching (and looking hot along the way) he kinda deserves this. So we salute you Cole, for being our only two time hump day hottie. At least so far.

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Hit & Run-Who Needs Debates When You Got Sports?

Yes, the Vice Presidential debates were last night. That’s nice. You know what else was on? Baseball. And football. And football. And baseball. It was a damn good night of sports, even those who teams didn’t perform the way they had wished. So let’s get to a few of the unpleasantness (like Georgetown having to cancel a game because of norovirus) out of the way first, starting with the Cubs.

Who's winning? It ain't the Cubbies. Sorry Chitown Chick.

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Hump Day Hottie: Johan Santana

Poor Mets fans. I just looked at the MLB standings today and saw that the Phillies are in the lead. When did that happen? Seriously, when did that happen? Wasn’t they leading like last week? Anyway, I’m sure the Metropolitans faithful aren’t going through the easiest of times right now, so for our own Metschick and all those who root for them, I give you Johan Santana. Maybe his hotness can put a smile on your face.

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Hump Day Hottie: Cesc Fabregas

I’ve wanted to make Cesc the HDH since June during Euro, but just never got around to it. But as the Premiere League is back in action this is the perfect time to showcase him. Cesc makes me want to pay attention to soccer. Well, at least Arsenal football. I can’t be expected to watch an entire weekend of action.

So anyway, here is Cesc. He has helped make my birthday a good one.

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Very Superstitious, Writing’s On The Wall

One of the best parts of being a sports fan is the superstitions we come up with. How so? Because where else in life can you completely rationalize some of the crazy stuff we do in the name of “not jinxing” our teams? And it just doesn’t work in other parts of life. There aren’t too many sales associates that won’t say the name of the city they’re in so they won’t jinx that next sale.

Or something. I don’t think that analogy works, but you know where I was going with it.

Anyway, superstitions are fun. They make all our crazy behavior during games normal. And those among us without a silly superstition about their favorite baseball or hockey team? They’re the crazy ones.

So I asked the Ladies… what are some of the superstitions they have for their favorite teams. Add yours in the comments.   Continue reading

Hump Day Hottie: US Open

With football about to get started this week and the Olympics winding down to a close (not to mention the continued play of baseball) you might not have realized that the last tennis major of the year has started. Yes, the US Open has begun (with a damn good first night match I might add) and with that the return of all the gorgeous men that play the sport. I’ve made known my love for Rafael Nadal and we’ve shared the hotness that is Novak Djokovic. I’m sure everyone here knows all about Andy Roddick and James Blake and Richard Gasquet (underrated hottie in my opinion). But how many of you know of Paul-Henri Mathieu?

That’s why this week’s HDH is going to profile the tennis players seeded lower than 10 at the US Open. There are some downright hot players out there that don’t have all the limelight on them. Shame really. Continue reading

Dear Tigers, It’s Been Swell

Hey Detroit Tigers. Remember me? Well, I decided this year that I wanted to root for a baseball team and picked yours. It was just more convenient for me to. I didn’t want to root for the Atlanta Braves and I was already a big fan of the (somewhat) local college football team, University of Michigan. So, you know, it was just easier to hitch a ride on your train.

But every since August hit I’ve kinda been pulling away from you. Don’t get me wrong, I check out the box scores every morning, see how the team did. I root for you still. But my full attention hasn’t been on you lately. And I think it’s time we parted ways.

One of the few times the Tigers smiled all season. Sigh.

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