It’s Preseason Poll Time!!

This has nothing to do with my post, but hot damn, hes pretty!

This has nothing to do with my post, but hot damn, he's pretty!

It’s that time of year again, when pollsters and coaches and media members throw logic to the wind and vote for which teams they think are going to succeed in the upcoming college basketball season – without a single game even being played! For the most part I don’t have any problem with in-season polls. They are fun, they make for lively debate, they don’t really MEAN anything. But the ones that I can’t stand are these preseason ones. Even with my team perched (unanimously in the APs case) atop them both, I still can’t believe who is retarded enough to vote some of these teams as high as they are. So let’s break down these lists shall we? With what I think are the good, bad, and the MOTHEROFGOD DICK VITALE YOU CANNOT VOTE 700 TIMES!

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1000th Post Countdown: Personal Number ONE!

It's a pinata, because it's a celebration of hotness. Go ahead, take a whack (or something less suggestive!)

Here they are. Each Ladies… number 1 personal pick. Tomorrow will be our group overall, but these gentlemen are tops in each of our individual books. They are beautiful. They are sentimental. They are MEN. And we love them. We hope you do too!

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1000th Post Countdown: Numero Trois

Welcome to door number three. I promise youll be happy you opened it.

Welcome to door number three. I promise you'll be happy you opened it.

Wow, so many days of hotties! The best part about all this, other than sharing my fave men with the world, is getting to see what my fellow Ladies… are into. I must admit, I’ve been introduced to quite a few cuties I didn’t know before! So here are the Ladies… picks for their number 3 perfect 10. Please enjoy!

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Hottie Hit & Run: Hot men are evidence that God exists…

O Hai there Ryan Lochte and Jay-Z. Is it some sort of rule that Olympic medalists have to carry those things around for the entire year after the games are over? That would get annoying. I mean they don’t really go with anything… On the plus side, I was super-afraid Lochte was going to fade into obscurity after the Olympics whilest The Phelps took over the stinking world. But no. He’s staying out in the limelight, looking hot, and quite dapper I might add. So keep it up Ryan, I love the suit. Although I prefer the Speedo, I’m okay with Armani as well.

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Girl on Girl Hate: Sometimes, it just feels so good!

We here at Ladies are obviously 10 pillars of feminist virtue. We would never engage in activities unbefitting successful, classy, intelligent, and hilarious women. Well, maybe those other nine wouldn’t… I on the other hand am quite guilty of one of the cardinal sins of womanhood: Girl Bashing. I really enjoy talking some shit about other women. Mostly women I don’t know. Why? I couldn’t tell you (I’m sure there are subtexts of low self-esteem, daddy issues, and borderline personality disorder bubbling below the surface). But honestly, sometimes it just feels good. Especially when it comes to the significant others of my favorite athletes. It’s really more like pointing out the pink elephant in the room. WHY IS HE WITH HER? She is (blank). Fill in the adjective that best fits. Now I don’t know these women. Perhaps they are lovely and awesome and in real life we would be BFFs. But for now, I want to talk some serious trash!

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Sad News Indeed

Kenny George, the tallest man in NCAA college hoops (standing at a ridiculous 7 ft 7) is not going to be playing for UNC Asheville next season due to a foot injury. He had to have multiple surgeries on his foot due to an infection and is still under the care of a doctor.  I would imagine that being that tall affects your circulation and also the ability to fight infections in the extremities.

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The Tailgate, with Mistress Christina

I am torn about this whole food post thing. One, I rarely use my oven or stove because I live by myself, and I don’t really know any recipes that are for one person only. I hate to have tons of left-overs because I feel compelled to eat them. However, I love to cook. Like a lot. Like if this law school things fails I will probably ship myself off to culinary school in France. But, again on the con side, I don’t like to share my recipes. I just like to make awesome food, have people be amazed by it, and never let them know how to make it themselves. I’m weird like that. I don’t want people taking credit at a later date, for my food. But I have decided to share one of my families tried and true weekend recipes for an awesome, pre-day o’ football, breakfast (brunch/lunch/dinner/snack/shit I could eat breakfast food all day) foods. I present to you my super-awesome DELUXE FRENCH TOAST recipe.

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