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The HR Derby & Josh Hamilton: Ultimate Redemption

Well, my guy may not have won the final prize, but there’s no doubt that last night, Josh Hamilton owned Yankee Stadium.  I’m not going to bore anyone with the umpteenth retelling of his sordid, drug-soaked past.  Instead, I just want to congratulate him (yeah, I know he’s not reading this, but humor me) in coming this far, and wish him much luck in the future.  And of course, onto the pics!

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Hit & Run: The One Where I Can’t Think of a Catchy Title

Picture courtesy of The Onion.

Prince Fielder, of the Milwaukee Brewers, is told by the IRS: “Pay up, bitch!” He owes more than $400,000 in back taxes. Granted, he could’ve paid it off by now. But it’s more fun to speculate what he could’ve bought instead of paying his taxes. The entire inventory of a Krispy Kremes? 8,000 copies of Metal Gear Solid? 40,000 tickets to “Get Smart”? 500 Coach bags? (WANT!) Continue reading