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Hit & Run

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Cal Ripken, Jr., was tapped by Condi Rice to be the U.S. Public Diplomacy Envoy. The administration wants him to spread the lovely to motivate through his integrity and iron man work ethic. About the appointment, Ripken said: “This is not a political statement for me necessarily. This is about the kids, and planning, you know, using baseball for good reasons.” Someone should send Ripken to the Middle East to solve that thing.

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EPL: Or as I like to call it, the Hottie Premier League

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Football is starting up once again over in England, and of course that means we have to review the hotties that abound back in the Mother Land.

So grab your Guinness, your fish and chips (yeah, I’ve never been to England, so I have no idea what else they eat), and your favorite EPL team’s kit, and join me after the jump. Continue reading

Hit & Run: Did anything happen last night?

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Robbie & Melky, so perfect together…

Yankees outfielder Melky Cabrera went 3-4, from the ninth hole, in the Yankees’ 5-4 win over the Blue Jays. This win brings Andy Pettite’s record to over .500; he also won consecutive games for just the first time this season. The Yankees have the best winning percentage in the Majors since the All Star break. (I prefer the Yankees of May.)

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Congrats, Tommy!

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Last night, Tom Glavine became only the 23rd pitcher to win 300 career games, and the first to do it as a Met. He pitched very well in 6 1/3 innings, and even helped his own cause by singling in the first run of the game.

It was hard at first for me to accept Mr. Glavine as one of the boys, as one of us. It’s not that I ever hated him as a Brave, because I really didn’t (as opposed to one John Rocker and one Chipper Jones). For me, it was just the hatred of the uniform. Once I realized that no, Glavine wasn’t with the Mets to sabotage them on behalf of the Braves (which, trust me, was no small feat, considering the way he pitched against the Braves the first two seasons he was with the Mets), I embraced him as whole-heartedly as I do the other Mets. (This video is also a big reason of why I could never really hate Tom Glavine.)

So, I’m full of pride for Tommy today, as I congratulate him on winning his 300th game, a crowning achievement in his Hall of Fame career. If you want all the good stuff on the game, head on over to Mets.com. And for much more eloquent fanalysis (fan analysis – what? I can make up words!), go to Faith and Fear in Flushing.

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Hit & Run: The Loooong Edition

I was going to start with the Mets’ win over the Cardinals, but I found these pictures and just had to share at least one:

Aw, Tiger looks so happy!  You can find more at Tiger Woods’ site.  Sam looks so cute, and not unlike a little meerkat.  And I say that as someone whose own newborn looked very meerkat-ish.

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Brady Quinn

Brady Quinn was in fine form for the August cover of Men’s Health magazine. For a funny take on this (funnier than my take anyways), go on down to With Leather. But then, come back!

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Father’s Day Aftershave – Metschick

For as long as I can remember, my dad’s been watching baseball.  He didn’t introduce me to the Mets (I came to love them all by myself), but he did introduce me to baseball.  I remember showing him baseball cards and being amazed that he recognized the majority of the faces on those cards.  (I was obviously easily impressed.)  The tables have now turned, and he comes to me for stats and other information.  There’s no one else I’d rather watch a game with than my dad.  As a matter of fact, he’s the person I invited to the Mets’ home opener this year.  I don’t have any particularly funny stories to share about our quiet afternoons and evenings spent watching the Mets or the Red Sox or any other team via Extra Innings – just a Happy Father’s Day wish for the most amazing man I know.

Subway Series: Round Two, Game 2

“I’m with stupid —>”  (Just kidding, Yanks fans; I love y’all!)

 Despite a dreadful performance by 15 year-old starting pitcher Tyler Clippard, the Yanks were able to pull out a win thanks to some hot bats (and hot players). Arod continues to lead the league in everything with he and Jeter each getting 2 run shots and the hits came when it counted.
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Cotto v. Judah: Scoping the Hotties


Tonight, boxing fans will be gathering in droves to watch Miguel Cotto take on Zab “Super” Judah.  Who’s going to win?  I don’t know, I can barely remember what time the match is.  For all the deets, go to East Side Boxing.

Howevah, if all you want is to see cute boys with nice bodies, follow me…

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Hit & Run: Quack Mother F**king Quack

The Anaheim Ducks are one win away from hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup, behind Andy McDonald‘s two goals. Wonder what they’ll do with it if (when?) they win. I’d like to drink out of the Stanley Cup someday.

Georgetown Hoya Roy Hibbert was invited to tryout for the U.S. heading down to the Pan-American Games in Brazil. Yeah, like any college male would turn down the chance to spend 16 days in Rio de Janeiro. He better stock up on condoms and sun tan lotion.

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 I was just about to go to sleep when I heard over WFAN that the NY Post had caught A-Rod red handed with a “mystery blonde”.  Of course, I had to check that out – and yup, there it is, splashed all over the NY Post. 

No way am I naive enough to be suprised that A-Rod is possibly cheating on his wife.  As a matter of fact, I’m not even outraged.  I don’t know exactly what it is, but I guess since these things happen so often in marriages involving celebrities and athletes, that it’s almost par for the course. 

It still must suck for the wife.  However, knowing A-Rod, he probably took the blonde to his room, and struck out.  No, that joke doesn’t work that well this early in the season, does it?

Go to the NY Post for all the salacious details: he stayed at the Four Seasons while the majority of the team stayed at the Park Hyatt! they had dinner together and then went to a strip club! they got into an elevator together! 

Hit & Run


Quack-quack, mofos.  The Anaheim Ducks win 3-2 over the Ottowa Senators to go up 1-0 in the Stanley Cup finals.  Hottie Ryan Getzlaf scored a goal, and hottie Rob Niedermayer did something or other.  I’m sorry, I read about the win, but I don’t understand most of it! C’mon, hockey peoples – what is two-way play? However, I do know a hottie when I see one:

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How To Make Love To A ______ Fan: The New York Mets

34zbyav.jpegThe Ladies…, in congress (tee hee!) with Every Day Should Be Saturday, are inappropriately excited to present a six-part roundtable series: How To Make Love To A _______ Fan, excruciatingly detailed guides to how to win the heart and panties of the sports fan of your choice. Today, chez Swindle, we have How To Make Love To A Florida Fan, to be followed tomorrow and Thursday by How To Make Love To A Texas fan by our own Texas Gal, and How To Make Love To A Tennessee Fan courtesy of Holly. For our part, we’re sticking to our boys of summer. Later in the week you’ll be treated to wooing secrets of the St. Louis Cardinals, via Lady Andrea, and the Boston Red Sox by J-Money. For today, without further ado, we present Metschick, with How To Make Love To A Mets Fan.

The Ladies…

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East Coast Pants Party: Come one, Come all!


With the Midwest Pants Party now over, it’s time to focus on the Big Apple and our very own Pants Party! 

When: Friday, June 22nd, 7:10 pm
Where: Shea Stadium
What:  A’s vs. Mets

I’ve already purchased a block of 25 seats in Upper Reserved Section 20, rows B, C, D, & E (seats 12-16 – and a few more – in each of those rows).  Those have already been snapped up.  But if you’re interested in coming, lemme know.  We’re also meeting up before the game at the Beer Garden in Astoria.  Fun times for all!

UPDATE: Tickets in Sec. 20, Row A are still available.  Also, Sportsgirl365 of Strike Zones and End Zones has some extras. Her email’s on the side bar of her site.

Hit & Run: P.M. Edition


Clinton Portis and Chris Samuels are in Michael Vick’s corner, as they pooh-pooh the idea of dog-fighting being a crime.  They joked and giggled through an interview, even comparing dog fighting to what goes on at “Animal Planet”. Yeah, that’s the same thing. Guys, you’re hotter if you keep your mouths closed.


Over in East Rutherford, Jason Kidd claims that he would understand if Vince Carter leaves the Nets. He’d understand, but I bet you he wouldn’t like it. (Jefferson is so upset at the possiblity of Carter leaving that he didn’t even attend his exit interviews.*)

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Yankees vs. Mets – Subway Series, baby!

Mets/Yankees is always a big deal, not just in NYC, but to any Mets or Yankees fan. It’s just fun beating your cross-town rival, the one who always pulled down your pants, stole your lunch money, stole your boyfriend – and then got married on the same day as you. (I hate that bitch.)

But the fun really comes in trash-talking with Yankee fans. When I looked around the Ladies… breakroom, I noticed that there was no Yankee fan amongst us. (We did that on purpose.) So I went out and recruited one of our favorite bloggers (we won’t hold it against you that you’re a Yankee fan!), Sportsgirl365 of Strike Zones and End Zones to give us the Pinstriped Point of View.

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Hit & Run


Fight! Fight! Fight!  Robert Horry pushed Steve Nash into the scorer’s table yesterday,  guaranteeing himself a nice suspension.  Later, Nash waited for him outside the arena, and the two pushed each other and yelled “Hold me back, hold me back!” to their teammates.  (Not true.) Suns tie the series with the Spurs, purchase boxing gloves for the next game.

RU, rah rah! Hoo-rah, hoo-rah, Rutgers rah!

 Representing the Scarlet Knights, Jason Bergmann of the Washington Nationals took a no-hit bid into the eight inning, until giving up a solo home run to the Braves’ Brian McCann.  Fellow Scarlet Knight and Manalapan High School grad David DeJesus of the Kansas City Royals went 1-5 with a triple in the Royals’ 2-1 win over the Oakland A’s.  DeJesus’ triple didn’t figure into the final score, but dammit, he and Bergmann were classmates of mine at Rutgers, so you’ll read it and you’ll like it! 

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Welcome to Miami: Meet the Marlins

Billy the Marlin What can I possibly say about the Marlins as an intro? They’ve been around for like a day and have already won two World Series. In that same span of time, my Mets have won none. Boo.

In between celebrating World championships, however, there have been some god-awful teams down in Miami. While this year’s team might not be god-awful (although, they were just swept by the Nationals), they’re just not very good.

And they’re kind of ugly. There, I said it. The Marlins are sorely lacking the Hottness. (Sorry, Marlins fan.)

Don’t know why I’m apologizing. There are more
people in my house right now than shown in this picture.

As hot as the Oakland A’s are, the Marlins are the exact opposite. They are U-G-L-Y (you ain’t got no alibi, and all that).

But they do have one or two gems among the muck. Join me as I showcase them. Continue reading