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Hit & Run: A is for Awesome

I’m in an abusive relationship.  I give my all to it, my blood, my sweat, my tears, and if I’m lucky, I get a crumb of affection in return.  It’s a relationship into which I’ve poured countless amounts of money and tons of my time.  I get beaten up, but I come right back for more.

And you all know that I’m talking about my relationship with the Mets.  Tuesday night, I went to Philadelphia and reveled in the 7 run lead they immediately got.  However, those damn Phillies chipped away all night, and in the 13th inning, finally beat the Mets.  But yesterday was a new game, and the Mets were the ones who, down 3-1, came back to win 6-3, thanks to two Carlos Delgado HRs and a timely double by Daniel Murphy.

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Hit & Run: The One Where I Call In Sick

Peeps, today I’m going to have to beg off my usual MLB roundup.  This morning, I had my second appointment with the periodontist.  Yes – a periodontist.  Fun times.  The left side of my face is still numb, but it’s starting to wear off.  Thank Jebus for the oxycontin I keep around.  (By the way, that adorable little girl is Christie Rampone’s, of the gold medal-winning US women’s soccer team. Continue reading

Hit & Run: I Heart Baseball

First, I’ve got to tell you all: I’m the only one here apathetic to the Olympics.  I don’t not like them, I just don’t care.  So that’s why there really isn’t a whit of Olympics information in here.  I know Phelps and I know parts of the womens’ volleyball match that was on earlier yesterday, at my dentist’s office.

Anyways, back in MLB, my Mets finally have a laugher.  They beat the Nationals 12-0, on the strength of an 8-run third inning.  I felt bad for Jason Bergmann, the Nats’ starting pitcher, as he went to Rutgers also, but my team won!  Woot. Continue reading

Hit & Run: Bah, Why Do I Bother?

The Mets fell to 3 games back in the NL East, after yesterday’s 4-2 loss to the Padres.  Yeah, it’s only 3 games, but they’re not playing so hot anymore.  (Never mind that John Maine and Billy Wagner are both on the DL.  I swear, a few days ago I was looking at the 40-man roster, and it looks like an infirmary patient list.) They only scored two runs against Cha Seung Baek, who is 2-0 against the Mets this season.  David Wright not only committed a baserunning error in the 5th inning – getting doubled off first after Carlos Beltran’s fly ball to right field – but also committed a costly error that allowed the Pads to score the winning run.  Really don’t want to look at their hellish mistakes, so we get to look at Jose Reyes, who by the way, married his long-time girlfriend – and mother of two kids – a couple of weeks ago. Continue reading

Hit & Run: Aw, Crap.

Lest I be accused of sweeping it under the carpet, I’ll lead with the Mets’ 7-5 loss to the Marlins. Le sigh. Couple that with the Phillies’ victory over the Nationals, that means that the Phillies are now back in 1st place, 1/2 a game ahead of the Mets. Josh Johnson pitched well for the Marlins, while Mike Pelfrey did not pitch well for the Mets, and there you have it. Continue reading