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The NY Post and Daily News Will Come Up With Something Catchier

Congrats to the New York Giants and their fans. In what’s been an insane season for the Giants, from their 0-2 start to their improbable victory over the Packers at Lambeau Field (where, you know, it was rilly, rilly cold!), they’re now one win away from an NFL title.

It seems like the theme for the Giants this year was redemption. There were players that were redeeming themselves all season long, and there were players redeeming themselves from the field goal they just missed. Hell, some players were redeeming their family names, showing the world why they’re worthy of playing on that field.

All I know is that it’s been a fantastic ride so far. One more win! Continue reading

Hit & Run: Everything’s Better at 100 mph

Happy (belated) 23rd birthday, Lebron!  Also, sweetie, don’t drive over the speed limit.  Especially not 35 mph over!  He was ticketed on December 30th, at 3 am, and his attorney has filed a not guilty plea.  A hearing is scheduled for February 11.  After yesterday’s practice, James said: “I was doing 101. That’s it. I was speeding. I’ve just got to abide by the law. I got caught. It happens.  I don’t know (if I will continue traveling at such speeds), maybe at times. It’s not a big deal to me. You’ve just got to abide by the rules that’s all. I made a mistake and I’ll live with it.”

Nice cavalier attitude there, James. (I’m sorry.) Continue reading

Hit & Run: Was there a football game on last night?

Bob Sanders of the Indianapolis Colts was named the NFL Defensive Player of the Year. It isn’t quite the MVP Award (we all know that the Dreamboat won that), but it’s still an honor for Sanders to be recognized for his defensive prowess.

Oh, who am I kidding? Does anyone actually care about this?

Don’t look so forlorn, buddy – Holly cares about ya! Continue reading

International Bowl Recap: Would you like some Rice with that W?

As everyone predicted, Rutgers pounced on Ball State, defeating them 52-30. The story of the game was Ray Rice.
He was simply it: 4 TDs and 280 yards, including a 90-yard score. Rice ended the season with 2,012 yards. Mike Teel, who has garnered a lot of ridicule from me this season, played brilliantly, with 3 TDs and 303 yards. (Of course, he still had an INT. But, we’ll let that one slide.) Continue reading

Some Sun and Some Insight: It Ain’t No 3-in-1, But It’ll Do…

Ah, two blowouts. Makes it a little easier on me. Especially since I, ah, didn’t get a chance to watch the games as I was getting ready for our New Year’s party where my parents-and the whole family- were going to be introduced to the BF. I know, I know! I’m sorry.

Oregon put the whoop ass on South Florida, 56-21, and Oklahoma State did the same against Indiana, 49-33. Onto the pics! Continue reading

Papajohns.com Bowl: The pizza I ordered from Papa John’s was better

what a ugly-ass logo 

It’s kinda hard to recap a game you didn’t see.  You see, it all started when I lent my car to my teenage nephew.  He ran into another car, resulting in a minor fender bender.  None of this happened today, but I finally had a chance today to go out and get an estimate, and that errand snowballed into another, and I’m finally getting back home, and I just checked to see that the Cincinnati Bearcats mauled the Southern Mississippi, um, something or other (what are they? Ah, they’re the Golden Eagles).  Well, they didn’t really maul them, they won 31-21, but don’t Bearcats maul thing?  What does a Bearcat look like?  Continue reading

Hit & Run: I think the Falcons were a teensy bit distracted, no?

The New Orleans Saints walloped the Atlanta Falcons, 34-14, in the Monday night game. I, of course, didn’t watch the game because (wait for it) I went to Walmart to look for a toy. Also, I was a bit bored. Sometimes, when I’m bored, I head to Walmart to see what sticks. I really prefer Target but eh, Walmart’s okay in a pinch. Yesterday, I picked up some tapioca pudding, some PlayDoh, a few pairs of trouser socks, a package of gel pens, a pair of Tinkerbell slippers (for Baby Mets) and a loaf of bread. I love being able to pick up all kinds of crap in one place. But I did not find the toy I was looking for. That damn Little Tikes Sing Along CD player is sold out everywhere.

Anyways, Drew Brees passed for 300+ yards and 3 TDs in an impressive performance. I forget which of the Ladies… has Drew, but those are some pretty numbers right there. Continue reading

Hit & Run

Tom Brady and his Patriots pulled a miracle out of their asses and beat the Baltimore Ravens, 27-24, last night, thanks to the Ravens’ many penalties. I didn’t see the game (of course – but I have a good excuse! My laptop nearly died, and it was only my brother-in-law’s expert care that brought it back from the brink. I spent all last night at his place getting that fixed.), but you know that other Ladies… did!

You better join me after the jump, or Tom will impregnate you! Continue reading

Hit & Run


Well, the Steelers-Dolphins game finally ended. The Steelers beat the hapless, winless Dolphins on a last-second field goal. That seemed like a long, boring affair. I’ll admit it, I didn’t watch most of it (now how many times in the past 2+ months have I said that?). TSW (and any other Steelers fans) can regale us with tales of the game in the comments.


Coach Tomlin wants YOU to continue reading after the jump! Continue reading

Hit & Run

The Seattle Seahawks beat the hapless San Francisco 49ers, 24-0, bringing the Niners losing streak to 7 games.   Okay, I didn’t watch this game, because I was playing MLB Power Pros on my Wii.  This game is awesome, if only because the video game version of Hideki Okajima of the Boston Red Sox does the exact same little “look-away” thing that the real Okajima does when he pitches.  Also, because video-game D-Wright’s eyes are so very blue. Continue reading

Hit & Run: Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma’am.

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Big Ben did his thang last night, leading his Steelers to a 38-7 victory over the Ravens. The Steelers tied their franchise single-game record with 5 TD passes, and the defense lowered the boom, forcing four turnovers, all before halftime.

Ben was hit by Terrell Suggs in the third quarter, but returned early in the fourth quarter. He finished the game with 209 yards, and 5 TD throws, bringing his season total to date to 20, a career record for him in half a season. He also threw a TD pass in his 13th consecutive date, breaking Terry Bradshaw’s team record of 12.

I just have one question. How is the guy up there also the guy here? Continue reading

Hit & Run: The Night Nothing Happened

It’s kind of hard to follow sports if you have a kid – and if said kid gets sick, forget it. You’re not watching anything.

The bad news is that Baby Mets has an ear infection, and I was unable to catch a minute of the Colts/Jags. The good news is that it should be cleared up by tomorrow, Game 1 of the World Series.

I do know that the Colts won, to keep their perfect season going. They beat the Jaguars 29-7. Continue reading

Hit & Run: Bye-bye, Torre?

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Sad panda

Is this the end for Joe Torre? Told that his job was on the line by The Boss, George Steinbrenner, Torre’s team won on Sunday. But yesterday, the house of cards came tumbling down, and the Cleveland Indians beat the Yankees 6-4. Chien-Ming Wang pitched one inning plus, and the Indians were in command from the first inning on. Grady Sizemore led off the game with a homerun, and the Indians never surrendered the lead. Paul Byrd pitched well for the Indians, going 5 innings and giving up only 2 runs. The Indians bullpen also gave up another 2 runs, but the offense had put up 6 runs, and that was good enough against a Yankee offense that, aside from Game 3, never really got it going against the Indians’ pitching. Sorry to Rob I., James, Sportsgirl365, Becky, Nelson, and all the rest of Yankee fans who were nice to me last week. To the rest of you – suck it! Your tears are delicious.

More pics of the game and celebration after the jump.

Continue reading

Hit & Run

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It seemed like the game wasn’t going to end, but the Rockies got it done in the bottom of the 13th inning. It was a madcap game right from the start, with the Rockies scoring early off super-pitcher Jake Peavey. But the Padres were quickly back in it after an Adrian Gonzalez-grand slam. Tied 6-6, Scott Hairston hit a 2-run HR in the top of the 13th, but since Trevor Hoffman has never in his life closed out a big game, the Rockies were able to rally and score three runs in the bottom of the 13th, to win it 9-8. A few more pics, after the jump.
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Goodbye, Mets, Goodbye

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This post isn’t going to feature any cute guys, or furry anipals or anything else. It’s just a Mets fan trying to understand what happened. Actually no – I know exactly what happened. The Mets choked. It’s as simple as that. The bullpen just flat out imploded in the last 3 weeks. The offense tried to save them in some games, but it wasn’t enough. You can also blame Tom Glavine, if you’re so inclined. But you know what? This shouldn’t have even come down to the last game. It should’ve been wrapped up, and the team simply couldn’t get it done. Continue reading

Breaking: Mets Team Meeting Pics!

The Mets’ recent losing streak is taking a toll on D-Wright.  Can no one think of D-Wright?!

Enough is enough! My sources tell me that Willie Randolph called a team meeting after that dreadful game last night and really gave it to the Mets. My sources also provided photographs of what went down. They’re after the jump. Continue reading

Hit & Run: U-G-L-Y, You Ain’t Got No Alibi

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Damn, that was one ugly loss in D.C. Another four errors? 10 errors in the last two games? What is going on in that dugout? What’s going on in their heads? After getting a four-run lead, the starting pitching imploded, the bullpen did its usual job of pitching batting practice to the Washington Nationals (?!) and the defense needs to, uh, actually play defense. The final score was 12-4, and that’s an embarrassment for a team headed to the postseason. Actually, let me rephrase that – the Nationals are a major league team, and it’s not necessarily embarrassing to lose to them; the Mets’ play on the field is embarrassing right now. I don’t know who in that clubhouse is up for it, but someone needs to call a team meeting, and light some fire under their asses. Continue reading

Hit & Run

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The Detroit Tigers stunned the Toronto Blue Jays, scoring four runs in the bottom of the ninth to win 5-4. Roy Halladay pitched into the ninth, and was one out away from completing the game when he ran into trouble, giving up singles to consecutive Tigers. He was pulled for a reliever, who promptly gave up a 2-run single to Curtis Granderson. Placido Polanco then singled, and Gary Sheffield walked to load the bases, making way for Magglio Ordonez, who knocked in the winning runs. By the way, Granderson is only the third major leaguer to get 20 HR, 20 doubles, 20 triples and 20 steals in a season. Who’s your Tiger, indeed? Continue reading

PSA: A Few Odds and Ends

Want an iPhone? Who doesn’t? They’re sexy, and all the big boys have them. Well, AA is introducing the Awful Announcing Pick ‘Em Challenge for the chance to win an iPhone. Sounds like fun, and who knows, you too can get your own 300-page bill from AT&T. (Seriously, go play – or we’ll hurt you.)
Continue reading

Hit & Run

I’m hopped up on Ny-Quil, and slightly delirious after the Mets’ sweep of the Braves, so bear with me.

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The Mets division lead is back up to 5 games, thanks to said weekend sweep of the Braves, and yesterday’s 10-4 win over the Reds. Well, I guess I also have to thank the Marlins for taking 2 of 3 from the Phillies, and the Braves for beating the Phillies today (whew!). Pedro pitched 5 good innings, giving up 3 runs, 2 of them earned. The Mets’ offense woke up: Moises Alou, David Wright and Carlos Delgado all homered for the Mets. Let’s see if the bats can stay awake during this final stretch run. Continue reading

Real Men of Genius: Clay pitches a no-hitter!

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Congratulations, Clay Buchholz! Today, you pitched the game of your life. 9 innings, no hits, against the Baltimore Orioles. In your second major-league start. (Match that, Ian Kennedy!) Quite impressive, young man.

And not only do you pitch the hell out of that ball game, you gave a completely charming interview to What’s-her-face (Texy told me her name is Tina, but I prefer what’s-her-face). This line made me tear up (in happiness at your achievement): “It’s amazing. That’s all I can say. I’m in a blur right now.” You recognized that you had to call your parents, and I swooned at that. Well, at that, and the adorable Texan accent. You are now the 17th pitcher in Red Sox history to throw a no-no, and the first rookie pitcher to do so.

Congrats, and I hope you party tonight till you forget your name. I recommend Patron.

A few more pics after the jump… Continue reading

Hit & Run: The Race is on with Chase

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Chase Utley comes back from his hand injury, and goes 3-5 with a homer and 2 RBI, as the Phillies beat the Mets (sad Metsy) 9-2. I guess some other stuff happened, but I ignored that noise. Oh, I did see that it was some sort of mascot function at Citizens Bank Park, so I entertained myself with that. Alas, I couldn’t find any pictures of the mascot hotness, but I did see that some Spartan was there, as was the New Orleans Hornet, and Li’l Red (yeah, whoever that is). Also, I heard Keith Hernandez wonder why the flowers in the bullpen were purple and not red. Keith, you’re so weird. Continue reading