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Hit & Run: And the Phillies Win. Grumble, Grumble.

If you want more pics, find them yourself.

As I write this, Baby Mets’ Phanatic is taunting me.  He’s staring at me with his evil, beady eyes.  He’s sticking out his little red tongue at me.  Stop it, Phanatic, or you’ll go back from whence you came!

So, as everyone knows, in the continuation of Game 5 (started Monday), the Phillies beat the Rays 4-3.  This is where I’d give you some analysis about the game, or the Series, but I saw that VH1 was wrapping up their 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs, and that was enough to lure me away from the WS.  (BTW, Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” was voted #1.) Continue reading

Hit & Run: Pacman, will you never learn?

Another day, another run-in with the po-po.  While at a Luda party (I would give my first born to attend a party thrown by Ludacris), he went at it with his Cowboys babysitter “bodyguard”.  He’s lucky that he wasn’t arrested, but he’s really putting his namesake to shame. (FYI: for the longest time, I thought his real name was Pacman.  C’mon, there are kids named Pilot Inspektor and Kenadi running around out there.  Pacman isn’t that much of a stretch.)

This Pacman is cuter.

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Hit & Run: I am at a loss for words

At least someone loves me…

I’m sitting here right now, with a pit in my stomach.  The season isn’t over, but I feel – seriously, I don’t even know what I feel anymore.  I’m spent.  This season has taken it out of me. I can’t even look for a picture, because I prefer to forget the past few hours.  Long story short, the Mets let countless opportunities slip through their fingers.  (That, or the Cubs pitchers just bore down at the right moment.  One or the other.)  And that is the game in a nutshell – a Cubs 9-6 victory over the Mets. Continue reading

Hit & Run: The Quickie Edition

I have no idea what Mark Teixeira is doing there.  I don’t even know why I keep looking at him, when Torii Hunter’s arms are on display.  But Tex has captivated me.  Dance your happy dance, Mark!  (There’s lots of great pics over at Getty Images.)

The Angels clinched the AL West by beating the Yankees, 4-2, and the Rangers losing to the Mariners 8-7.  They are the first team to clinch their division this season.

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Hit & Run: 3, 3 games up, AH AH AH

There will come a day when I will not open my Hit & Run with the Mets.  That day is not today.  They won yesterday, 9-2, completing a 3-game sweep of the Brewers. 

Ryan Church’s grand slam and Brian Schneider’s solo HR produced six Mets runs in the first, and Ollie Perez did the rest, going 6 2/3 innings.  The Phillies lost to the Nationals, 9-7, so the Mets’ lead in the NL East is now 3 games.  Meanwhile, the Cubs lost to the Astros, 4-0, keeping their 4 1/2 game lead over the Brewers in the NL Central. Continue reading