Man-Crushes and the New Banner

You may have noticed our new banner.  This is in honor of my winning the Home Run Derby Contest.  Each Lady picked a guy to root for and I picked Justin Morneau.  My prize was that after the Olympics were over, I got to pick my banner.  As you can see, I’ve chosen Albert Pujols, Scott Rolen and Rick Ankiel.  Of course, since we just dropped to 6.5 out of the Wild Card, my Banner Mojo might be a moot point, but here it is anyway.  And in honor of my real sports crushes, I’ve polled some of my favorite writers to find out about their Man Crushes.

For the record, my man-crush is Jacoby Ellsbury.  He’s young (which I’m not), fast (ditto), multi-talented and good-looking.  I guess two out of four ain’t bad!

Yeah, baby!

Yeah, baby!

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The Ladies Wax On about Waxing Off

Slash fiction... geddit?

Slash fiction... geddit?

This week’s Waxing Off topic at Deadspin was… disturbing. And gross. And demeaning to the women asked to write about it. If you didn’t read it, here’s the email sent to the women asked to contribute:

Michael Phelps Slash Fiction.
The inspiration for this comes from two sources. First, this post, which is pure nightmare fuel. Then there’s this, about how Phelps is being pursued by Lindsay Lohan (equally terrifying). We’d like to follow things to their logical conclusion, and figure that you guys would be the best to do that. Make it read like an excerpt from a steamy, filthy book. Put Michael Phelps in the situation of your choosing … male on male, male on female, Phelps on llama … the aristocrats! Nothing is too over-the-top or depraved; it’s slash fiction. Let ‘er rip. Keep to 250-350 words, if possible. And don’t forget the short graph at the end about yourself, where you can plug your site and/or projects if you wish.

Here are our collected reactions to this request:

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Andrea’s Fantasy… Football

There have recently been some questions regarding fantasy football.  Now, this post is not going to be breaking down each position with rankings and whatnot.  Those lists can be found everywhere.  What I am here to do is to explain basically how the game is played and which sites I like the best for fantasy football.

Rotisserie chicken rules.  Rotisserie baseball sucks.

Rotisserie chicken rules. Rotisserie baseball sucks.

Unlike Fantasy Baseball, which is frequently played in two different styles (rotisserie and head-to-head), Fantasy Football is largely played head-to-head.  (At least, that’s been my experience.)  What that means is that once you have your team, you will face off against somebody else’s team each week.  Each team accumulates points based on how their players do in the real games and whichever team has more points gets a win.  Then there are overall standings based on the win-loss records.  So if in the first 5 weeks I beat Metschick, lost to SA, beat Minda, beat Chitown Chick and lost to Dame of Extra Time, I’d be 3-2 overall.

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What a Race!

Last night, the US mens 4×100 Freestyle relay won gold by a fingertip, keeping alive Michael Phelps’ goal of winning a record 8 gold medals in one Olympic games.  What you may not know is that the four-man team was mostly made up of guys who did not swim in the preliminaries.  4 “scrubs” swam the prelims (setting a new world record, broken by their own teammates a mere 15 hours later) and the one “scrub” with the fastest splits got to join the 3 big boys for the finals.  I am tickled pink for Phelps and his teammates, but man does that suck for the 3 left-behinds.  The finals team doesn’t get to compete if the prelims team doesn’t do well.  So here is a post in their honor.

Nathan Adrian, 19 years old, 6’5, left the University of California to train for the Olympics



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When Athletes Blog…

I’ve uncovered a heretofore unannounced blog by Notre Dame and Cleveland’s QB 1, the heartthrob himself, Mr. Brady Quinn:

What can I say?  I think hes cute.

What can I say? I think he's cute.

Dear Blogary,

Golly, I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I joined the NFL. The Browns are swell guys, especially Derek. We’re like total BFFs. I was so happy for him last year, what a great story! I mean, of course I really want to play. I gotta get out there and show everybody what I can do! Yeah! But I’m just thrilled for Dbear. Maybe this year we can find a way for us to share QBing duties. We already share so much, I’m sure it’d be awesome!

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Deadspin Misogyny: A Response

This was quite the thread on Deadspin last week.  I’d like to respond.  This post, however, does not speak for all Ladies… , it only speaks for me.

All in!

All in!

This weekend I went over to play no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em at a casino.  I was the only female in the poker room and sat down at a full table, so there were 9 men and myself.  Over the hours I played, the guys were teasing me mercilessly.  One guy was teasing me about my Cardinals shirt (he’s a Cubs fan) and made many comments about how I don’t really know about sports.  One guy kept teasing me about being good at poker “for a girl.”  A couple guys kept teasing me in a fairly suggestive manner, like when I’d get up to get more Diet Coke they’d tell me I had a hole in the back of my jeans, but that they didn’t mind watching me walk away.  Things like that.

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Please Give a Warm Welcome…

Here we come Brewers.  Be afraid.

Here we come Brewers. Be afraid.

The Ladies have very sadly had one of their crew take a hiatus (come back soon, Allie!), but that has also brought us a brand spankin’ new Lady.  Please welcome Whitney!  We are ecstatic to have her joining the crew here.  Look for her first post later today.  Here is a brief bio:

She is 28, born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but moved to New York for graduate school and then down to Brooklyn about five years ago.  Just to say she still uses that degree she went in debt for, she writes some fiction and edits the web journal Pindeldyboz.  She is a baseball fan in general and a St. Louis Cardinal fan in particular [ed.’s note: WOOT WOOT!], and also a University of Oklahoma alumna and fan of college basketball and football, and the NFL (she has adopted the Jets as her team, but has always HATED the Cowboys).  Hockey and the NBA usually get some of my attention during the playoffs, but not so much the rest of the time.  I do have a blog of my own, Tres Geek, which is at . It’s not the most regularly updated blog in the world, but I try to check in at least every few weeks, if not sooner.