The Ladies… Pick Their Favourite Sports Moments of 2008

2008 was a big year for sport.

We watched Michael Phelps win eight gold medals in Beijing, Usain Bolt smile and dance his way to world records like some sort of superhuman, a Superbowl that gave us one of the biggest upsets of recent memory, the best Wimbledon final of all time (yeah, I said it!), and Spain win Euro.

Yes, this year definitely gave Ladies… lots to whine/gloat/gasp/talk about, but aren’t you curious…

What were our absolute favourite sports moments of 2008?

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Hit and Run: Tutu, Benny, the Riddler and Andy Murray

Tutu on the right, of course. And oh, look, the only photo I have of him happens to be one of him shirtless. You know me so well.

Lillian Thuram is retiring from soccer. Two things: One, I’m happy this has nothing to do with some sort of scary heart defect as previously thought. And two, I’m going to miss the man immensely.

Tutu’s always been classy as hell and made glasses look incredibly hot

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