The Ladies… Pick Their Favourite Sports Moments of 2008

2008 was a big year for sport.

We watched Michael Phelps win eight gold medals in Beijing, Usain Bolt smile and dance his way to world records like some sort of superhuman, a Superbowl that gave us one of the biggest upsets of recent memory, the best Wimbledon final of all time (yeah, I said it!), and Spain win Euro.

Yes, this year definitely gave Ladies… lots to whine/gloat/gasp/talk about, but aren’t you curious…

What were our absolute favourite sports moments of 2008?

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Hit and Run: Tutu, Benny, the Riddler and Andy Murray

Tutu on the right, of course. And oh, look, the only photo I have of him happens to be one of him shirtless. You know me so well.

Lillian Thuram is retiring from soccer. Two things: One, I’m happy this has nothing to do with some sort of scary heart defect as previously thought. And two, I’m going to miss the man immensely.

Tutu’s always been classy as hell and made glasses look incredibly hot

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Go Argos! Or not.

Yeah, okay. Go back to Steeltown… or wherever the hell.

Last night the Toronto Argonauts lost their home opener.

Ticats’ owner, Bob Young on Hamilton’s win: “We’re the blue-collar team from down the road, and to beat up on all these white-collar guys is great. The fact that I’m actually a white-collar guy doesn’t matter.”

Do you hear yourself, Bob? Yeah, because you kind of sound like an asshole.
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Live Blogging the Euro 2008 Final a.k.a. Spain, Tell Me How My Ass Tastes

Need a reason to support the Germans today? Oliver Bierhoff. Done.

Most overused post title ever? Why, yes.

Regardless, here are three reasons why Spain can kiss my blessed behind:

  1. My pre-tourney predictions had Spain going out in the quarters. At literally every single stage of this thing I’d be all ‘Spain? pfffft! NEVER!’ and then they’d go beat Italy and make me look like a complete dumbass. Looking over our guest Ladies’ predictions now, only Martha tipped them to win the thing, actually. Everyone else had them going out in the quarter like I did.
  2. I can’t really get behind a team that has Aragones at the helm. Sorry. Not in a million years.
  3. Ramos, Puyol and Torres all make the case for the importance of a decent haircut. Torres, you especially. Your hair can really tell me how my ass tastes.

Join me and the ladies over at This Is Extra Time for the live-blog at 2:30PM ET.

Live Blogging Russia v Spain a.k.a. Power, Please Stay On

A child, I tell you. Not a day past puberty.

Russia and Spain today in the semifinal.

I have exactly nothing invested in this match and so don’t really have much to say other than three things:

1. That Andrei Arshavin fellow looks about 12. Hair included.
2. The power better not go out again or I’m punching someone and then taking a bat to my TV.
3. Guus Hiddink. That’s all I’m saying: Hiddink. That and the Spanish are a bit overdue for a crashing out, don’t you think?

Live-blogging the match once again over at This Is Extra Time at 2PM ET. Join me and such.

The Dame’s Football Tour o’ Sex: Euro 2008 – Hotness XI – Pt. II

This is Rustu Recber.

When a lady finds herself subscribing to the ‘I started it; I might as well finish it’ philosophy to get through a match or is reduced her lowest possible ‘well, someone better take of their shirt, at least…’ moment, there are issues with a tournament.

Especially when no one does.

[Dame’s note: Or does and is wearing an undershirt.]

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Live Blogging Netherlands v Russia a.k.a. Do NOT Touch Robin

Don’t stretch too hard now, Porcelain.

The Netherlands will take on Russia in today’s third quarterfinal at Euro.

Robin van Persie here found it in his fragile little bones to manage 90 minutes against Romania the other day. He may very well crack at any moment. In fact, I’d advise Van Basten to do the wise thing and wrap the boy in bubblewrap now while the going’s good.

As for the Russians, they’re the reason Freddie Ljungberg’s not in this anymore so they can pretty much kiss my ass. Although, they do have nutter Guus Hiddink at the helm so I suppose I shouldn’t count them out just yet.

Join me over at This Is Extra Time at 2:30PM ET for the live-blog.

Live Blogging Croatia v Turkey a.k.a. Do It for Bilic

Bilic is my new favourite person.

Croatia will be taking on Turkey in today’s second quarterfinal at Euro.

Advantage Turkey: The Turks are psychos. Yes, that is indeed my expert analysis of this side. Half their team is either suspended or injured however — a massive roadblock, obviously.

Advantage Croatia: Slaven Bilic, their hunk of a manager. Hotness like that never lets you down.

The girls will be live-blogging the match again over at This Is Extra Time starting at 2:30 ET.

Join us if you’re feeling up to it.

Live Blogging Germany v Portugal a.k.a. Kill him, Lehmann


The knockout rounds start at Euro today with Portugal taking on Germany in the first quarterfinal.

Of course, whenever Portugal is involved there’s always the chance that Cristiano might finish the night off bawling like a two year old which is always fun to watch. I’m personally hoping that Xtina attempts the ol’ winky-wink of ’06 causing Jens Lehmann to just strangle him to death right then and there.

Join the girls as we live-blog the match over at This Is Extra Time at 2:30 ET.

Live Blogging Spain v Sweden a.k.a. No One Mention France

Fernando and Sergio: They really do bring it upon themselves.

Sweden plays Spain today at Euro.

Sergio Ramos and Fernando Torres play for Spain.

The other day, David Villa, who also plays for the Spain, hugged Fernando Torres so vigorously after scoring a goal that he broke his finger.

Yes, these dudes are that serious and, er, passionate.

Join your girl today as she live-blogs the borderline homoerotic-ness that is La Seleccion over at This Is Extra Time.

EDIT: And now we’re live-blogging Greece v Russia as well – 2:30 EST. Drop in if you’ve got a minute.

[Dame’s note: And I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT LES BLEUS. I’m serious, if one more post titled ‘Hup Holland Hup’ pops up in my newsreader, I’m officially killing someone.]

The Dame’s Football Tour o’ Sex: Euro 2008 – Hotness XI – Pt. I


Euro’s still happening.

I’m still watching.

[Dame’s note: In fact, I’ve got one eye on the TV right now. Spain v Russia – 75 minutes in and David Villa’s pulled a hat-trick for the Spanish. He skipped straight into the open arms of a grinning Fernando Torres after his third goal. Straight out of a telenovella, I tell you.]

Euro action and the Dame’s Euro Hotness XI after the jump….

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The Ladies… Euro Roundtable o’ Doom – Pt. I

Why wouldn’t you support France? Oh…that.

If you’ve been living in a box in the middle of the Sahara desert for the past month or so, let me fill you in on some marvelous news: the 2008 UEFA European Football Championship starts tomorrow.

Euro ’08 shall see a bunch of footballers commune in Switzerland and Austria for a few weeks to kick a ball round some grass and then take of their shirts.

It’s sure to be a riveting affair.

[Dame’s note: Have fun on vacay England!]

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The Dame’s Football Tour o’ Sex: USA v England – Previewing the Hotness

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first.

My boys threw away a 70th minute lead in DC this weekend giving away two goals in one and a half minutes. The ridiculosity began when Marvel Wynne earned DC a penalty by laying a foolish two-handed shove on Quaranta. Robert was also red-carded in extra time for reasons I still don’t quite understand.

The point is Toronto’s undefeated streak is over therefore I shall boo-hoo my way ’til Saturday.

[Dame’s note: And they damn well better win tonight. Toronto play the USL’s Montreal Impact at the newly minted soccer-specific Stade Saputo in Montreal today for CONCACAF Champions League qualifying. MLS won’t even have to try to manufacture – *cough* Columbus *cough* – a rivalry out of this one; it’s crystal clear: I’m Torontonian thus I hate the Habs thus I can easily learn to hate any other Montreal team.]

Now onto the the Yanks who are set to play England at Wembley tomorrow.

Benny will not be bringing the hotness to London unfortunately. Injuries suck.

Hotness helps the Dame decide who she’ll support after the jump…

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Live-blogging the Champions League Final a.k.a. Leering/Hating with the Dame

He’ll be there.

Your girl, the Dame, is going to be live-blogging the Champions League Final over at This Is Extra Time.

Do join me otherwise I’ll be leering/perving/hating on Frankie Lampard, JT and the crew all on my lonesome, which would be tremendously unbecoming, I think.

[Dame’s note: Even though I have done so in the past…frrrrw! One-on-ones with the lads have become tremendously rare these days, however.]

I’m sure Owen Hargreaves beautiful, curly hair will come up at least once. Being an Arsenal fan a snide Cashley joke may also slip through.

Drop by, say hi, bully Chelsea with the very best in the business!

Skip on over, already!

The Dame’s Football Tour o’ Sex: Winners

A whole weekend of inconsequential football:

Lyon wins Ligue 1 – Fine. Now give us your youthful Frenchies.

Inter wins Serie A – Didn’t watch. I’m sure Ibra sexed it up in that douchy way he always does.

Real Madrid wins La Liga – Played Levante on Sunday as a mere formality. Every time I see someone lift that cup I’m always appalled by how massive the thing is. Robinho’s pretty arms looked like they were having a bit of trouble lifting the damn thing. I also spotted some budding pretty-ness in Levante’s other keeper, Jordi Codina. Casillas is still hotter, of course.

It’s SOOO big!

More things Arsenal didn’t win along with your Victorious Victoria Day hotties…

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The Dame’s Football Tour o’ Sex: MLS – Pt. I

So, there you have it – another season in the books. Was it good for you, darlings?

Not so hot on my end, I’ve got to say. I mean, I’ve had better. Dragging myself out of my comfy bed for the final weekend of matches was annoying, sad and felt completely and utterly pointless.

[Dame’s note: If you caught me on any other weekend after February that’d also be the case then so it should hardly come as a shock. After Gallas’s little sit-in at Birmingham the end was in sight.]

A season’s worth of agony and ecstasy culminated in Giggsy slotting one in for United, defiling the precious champs’ cup by laying his scummy little lips on it and then proceeding to hoist the thing high above his head while all his teammates giggled and hopped up and down on the stage thingee behind him.

What a wretched sight.

Aw, crapppppp! Where’s the anti-bacterial spray?

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The Dame’s Football Tour o’ Sex: The EPL – Pt. III

Much moronic behaviour churned out in the EPL this weekend by players looking to lose the league for their teams. Manchester United’s Nani, or as I like to refer to him – Cristiano’s friend with benefits (BFFs some might call it, the two once attended an Enrique Iglesias concert together and got to meet the sultry latin crooner backstage – nope, not gay at all), decided it would be a good idea to head-butt West Ham skipper, Lucas Neill, during a must-win match.

Nani, the weasel of a footballer that he is (bandwagon time! weee!), then proceeded to take one of the pussiest dives I’ve ever seen.

The most hilarious part of the whole thing was watching West Ham’s keeper Robert Green come over and try to pull him up off the grass all ‘I cannot believe you’re doing this! You’re a mess, you moron!’

Instant classic.

Dumbass. Lucas, you sir, are still a hottie however.

Hotties and more of the league’s weekend ridiculosity after the jump…

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