Brooks Laich Melts My Heart


Chris Gordon/Russian Machine Never Breaks

So this happened on Monday. I absolutely love when my sports worlds collide, but I especially love it when my hockey world meets my Baltimore world. Being that my hockey team resides in a different city than my own, I love seeing the Caps doing things in Baltimore.

Since Brooks Laich got a Twitter account (go follow him NOW!), we’ve gotten to know some new things about our reigning hottest NHL player. For example, he’s pefected the selfie:

Another fact: Brooks’ dad loved Orioles third baseman Brooks Robinson, so he named his first born son after him. HOW FREAKIN’ COOL??

This brought about Brooks’ adventures at Camden Yards this past Monday.

For more awesome (aka hot) photos from this momentous occasion, check out Russian Machine Never Break‘s exclusive coverage!

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