Who do we love? Kevin Durant, David Robertson and WVU Baseball

First off, we send our love and thoughts and prayers to all affected by the events of the past few days (I say “days” knowing that other states have been reeling from these terrible storms). Knowing that we have team members with close ties to Oklahoma, I cannot begin to imagine how difficult this has been, and as such, I find it hard to post about anything cheerfully sporty under the circumstances. But to paraphrase the great Fred Rogers, when terrible things happen, you look for the helpers. Here’s a few worth mentioning today:

Kevin Durant

Like we didn’t already love him enough, Durant has pledged $1,000,000 towards relief efforts in Moore through his family foundation. The Oklahoma City Thunder, the NBA and the players’ union have also pledged their monetary assistance. Durant has established close ties to the area and is planning to be there Wednesday to offer his support to the victims.

David Robertson

This isn’t the first time the Yankees’ closer of the future has pitched in to help victims of natural disasters. His foundation High Socks For Hope was established when a tornado devastated his hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Here’s what he pledged last night on Twitter:

He’s had 23 this season including 12 in May, so you know he’s good for it.

West Virginia University Baseball

The WVU ball team, in OKC for a tourney, didn’t hesitate to help when they witnessed the footage from their hotel rooms.

Well done, lads!

Who else do we love? The amazing emergency responders and the American Red Cross. You can help them here.

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