How the Brewers alienated their female fans and regressed to 1958 or so…

I thought I posted this last night, so my apologies for being late to get this to you all, but if you follow me on Twitter, you’d have seen me ranting the past two days about an even the Brewers are putting on called Brewed for Her. That event, in and of itself, doesn’t thrill me, but to each her own. Unfortunately for the Brewers, it’s not as simple as that and it made me ranty to the tune of about 3300 words.

Won’t you please come over and check it out?

Brewers Brewed for Her Event: Sexist, Offensive and Just Really Bad Marketing

I had planned to post my diatribe here, but was lucky enough to be able to post out to BrewCrewBall, the SBN Brewers blog I contribute to. While I know I’ve got my target audience of upset female sports fans here, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try to enlighten a new group of folks. Nor could I pass up the chance that someone in the Brewers Org would see it.

I have been overwhelmed by the support (and lack of negativity) and kind words I’ve received from many corners of the internet since publishing this piece over there yesterday afternoon. I’d love to here from you ladyfolk that put up with this sort of thing on a regular basis, though.

1 thought on “How the Brewers alienated their female fans and regressed to 1958 or so…

  1. Let me start by reminding you that I love all of you at Ladies… and I’ve been around these parts and heard the “don’t give us pink stuff” rants before. But from a marketing perspective remember that this event wasn’t geared towards the everyday fan. They’re going to buy a ticket anyway.

    This one is for people who would maybe go to a game a few times and spend the whole night chatting with thier friend and not be able to tell you the final score. I’ve sat beside these girls and they’re a pain in the ass.

    I’m not trying to be negative. And you have a right to be offended. At the same time how many NEW butts did the Brewers put in the seats that night that wouldn’t have shown up without the pink and the sparkles? I don’t think it’s an implicit belief that “all women are the same and interchangeable” I think it’s a realization that there are actually 2 groups of women, the ones who buy the regular old team gear in normal colors and smaller sizes and the women who are going to shell out money for a pink, sparkley logo.

    Yeah cancelling the All-Access event was shitty. That I agree with and yes it would be preferable if all of these women showed up to watch the game. But if thats what they want they’ll show up any other night. The panties thing is weird.

    I’m probably not going to go to an event like this, but I’m not the target audience, neither are you and probably none of the women who read this blog or the brewers blog are either. I have friends who could give a shit about hockey, football, tennis, soccer or any of the other sports that I love but they would be all over this garbage. And THAT is who the Brewers were trying to sell to.

    I guess don’t see it as sexism I see it as recognizing that there is a broader audience than what you’re hitting now, even if you have to bribe them with hair and makeup tips.

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