5 Reasons the NBA Playoffs Are Delightful

Apologies if you saw the beginning of this last night – I’m still not sure how touching a post marked “local draft” in the WordPress app made it publish, but here’s the full version.

We have been watching a LOT of NBA Playoffs at my house. It started because we were checking on the Knicks and the Thunder (uh, and the Nets- we have a lot of basketball allegiances) and yet “hey is a game on tonight?” has become a common refrain.  There’s just so many things I find delightful this year. Here are five of them.

1. Snazzy Uniforms

In the first round, we had the aesthetically pleasing (if somewhat confusing, color-wise), retro look of the Nuggets and Warriors series. And while it amuses me that all of a sudden everyone wants to put that golden yellow accent on their uniform (yeah, I see you Thunder and Grizzlies), I’m really digging San Antonio’s alternate home unis. Because it’s finally a sharp use of the gray uniform trend by a team who  actually has silver in their colors.

2. Stephen Curry


Waaaaay back in his college days, it seemed like Curry was one of those players destined to excel in college and disappear in the pros. (Seriously, look how little he was!) I am absolutely thrilled that this was not the case.

3. Grizzlies Fans


I’m kind of cheating here, because the fans I’m referring to are my cousins, Memphis residents who have been posting hilarious Grizz related updates on Facebook as well as pictures of their adorable toddlers decked out in team gear and waving gold towels. So just imagine the towels in this picture are being held by kids ages 3, 2, and 7 months.

4. Da Bulls

NBA: Playoffs-Miami Heat at Chicago Bulls

Sure they were ultimately unable to pull out more than the one win against the juggernaut called the Miami Heat, but until their elimination, Chicago attacked the playoffs with the grit and determination they showed all season turned up to eleven. Seriously, that was a Yankees-esque payroll on their bench in dress clothes, and they not only took out the Nets, but made their series against the Heat fantastically entertaining.

5. Return of the Fade

I picked out Norris Cole as a rookie, and noted he no longer had the fade from his college days. Well…


Meanwhile, Iman Shumpert’s own impressive fade has been shading these days towards 50s era pompadour:


The Knicks need to figure out how to beat the Pacers so we can all enjoy the glory that is these two hairstyles on the court simultaneously.

Happy Friday!

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