In Which Our Lovely Readers Get To Help Us Avoid The Facebook Police


So apparently Facebook now considers the three eponymous dots at the end of our group page name “excessive punctuation” (because that’s clearly the aberrant behavior they should be worrying about) and has instructed us to change it. While I still fail to see how something that technically qualifies as a single punctuation mark is “excessive,” goodness knows we would rather daydream about attaching ourselves to Matt Kemp than die on the hill of internet righteousness. That’s where you, lovely readers, come in.

TLDR: Facebook’s making us change our group page name; we want you to help us decide what we change it to.

Your candidates:

Ladies Dot Dot Dot :literal, simple, and no punctuation whatsoever

Ladies: The Sports Blog Facebook’s oh-so-helpful suggestion was to just become “Ladies” which, though it would probably lead to a momentary spike in Likes from dudebros, is fairly generic in the long term. Hence, the subtitle.

Ladies There Used To Be An Ellipsis Here But Facebook Has Issues With Punctuation: Too long?

The Pat Burrell’s Ass Memorial Page : I suspect this could get us in trouble for other reasons, but I still kind of like it.

What do you think?

1 thought on “In Which Our Lovely Readers Get To Help Us Avoid The Facebook Police

  1. While I like the first one, the last two made me giggle. (And the second to last one is sort of rubbing it in Facebook’s face.) Because, seriously? Evidently their grammar police failed grammar.

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