Ryan Lochte: Reality Star


As most of our readers know, Ryan Lochte has been a sort of a Ladies… mascot over the years. When his star power blew up last summer, it felt like one of our own had finally done good for himself. Obviously, we were pretty excited when it was announced that Ryan would appear in his own reality show on E! (natch). Lochte live in our living room every week? Where do we sign up?

While Ryan is lovely to look at, he’s not that great to listen to. He says really dumb things that make for great television/Internet meme material. So follow me after the jump for the best of What Would Ryan Lochte Do?

So excited for this to start…

Lochte Opening Credits

There’s some shots of Ryan and his friends hanging out, drinking, meeting girls, you know, the usual. This tumblr post pretty much sums it up.

Then there are some deep thoughts. Ryan wonders why people call him a douchebag…then realizes he doesn’t even know what that is:

Ryan-Lochte-defines-douchebagLochteJEAHLochteDouchebagNoideaHe also went bowling with his family:


Wore these ugly ass beanie baby shoes:

lochte shoesOh, and he had a party at his house and talked to a girl who claimed to be a ballet dancer, but he thought she sucked at dancing:

lochte dancer girlHe also thought a bunch of other girls at his party were hot:

LochteLadiesSo basically, Ryan hit on girls, partied with friends, hung out with his family and went swimming. At least, I think he was swimming one time.

Here’s a preview of next week’s episode…in gif form, of course! Mr. Lochte goes to Washington…

LochteforPresident LochteforPresident2He meets some lovely DC girls who try to make some small talk:

LochteObamacare LochteObamacareReactionOh God, this looks amazing. If you haven’t watched this gem of a show, you’re missing out. If you can’t watch it on Sundays when it airs, catch it on a rerun, or watch it On Demand, hell, DVR IT DAMMIT! It’s a 10 on the unintentional comedy scale.

But for those that like to look and not listen, here’s something for you. (Also, it’s called ‘Mute’.)












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