Hockey Gifs Galore!


Hi, my name is Raven, and I’m addicted to HOCKEY GIFS!! Seriously, .gifs in general are the best thing the internet has invented. Somehow, the stupidest of moments caught on tape can bring such joy to my life. Recently, I was introduced to Tumblr, a.k.a. the home of .gifs. It’s such a wonderful place where I’ve found so many many many awesome .gifs. I, of course, love the hockey ones, specifically any featuring Washington Capitals players. So without further ado, I bring you some of my favorite hockey .gifs.

I promise to get all the Caps gifs out of the way first. :)MattyPCelebrationFirst up, Mathieu Perreault and his shootout freakout. It was amazing.

But then he had another one a few days later. (The game entertainment dudes at Verizon Center now play them sequentially when we win/he scores.)

MattyPfreakoutFrom the playoffs last year, I bring you Holtbeast.

HoltbyStaredownMy next favorite gif is of Pavel Datsyuk. He’s a magician, ya’ll!

PavelDatsyukmagicianNow this reaction from Claude Julien is just gif-a-licious!

ClaudeJulienGuffawNow we get into some weird hockey gifs…weird, yet funny. There is a strange obsession with waffles amongst hockey fans. I don’t know why. I do know that it all started when Toronto Maple Leafs fans threw some Eggos on the ice at a game against Vancouver. This led Vancouver’s infamous “Green Men” to do this:

HockeyWafflesI also don’t know if the waffle incident was before this gif of Olli Jokinen, but either way it’s hilarious.

OlliJokinenWaffleAnd now that I mention weird and Vancouver, you know what’s next: Freaky Sedin Twins!

FreakySedinTwinsHave you seen any awesomely great hockey gifs? Please share them with us (me) in the comments. Also, you can follow me and my gif obsession on Tumblr.








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