Hump Day Hotties: NHL Trade Deadline


Did you know that the Sabres acquired the draft pick they used to draft Ryan Miller from the Florida Panthers in 1999? Well, now you do.

To commemorate today’s impending NHL Trade Deadline, I’m celebrating what used to be my favorite day of the year (it’s been uninteresting the past couple seasons) with some NHL hotties that have been dealt at the trade deadline over the past few seasons.

2011-2012 Deadline

Vancouver Canucks acquire Andrew Gordon from Anaheim Ducks.


Gordo, formerly a Hershey Bear of the AHL, was one of my favorites. He might not be a hottie, but he’s just sooo adorable! Love him!

2010-2011 Trade Deadline

The Washington Capitals acquire Jason Arnott from the NJ Devils for David Steckel.



A double hottie trade!! You had to figure I’d find a way to include Stecks in my post some how. Fortunately for you, (unfortunately for me) he was dealt at the deadline.

The LA Kings acquire Dustin Penner from the Edmonton Oilers for Colten Teubert.

Dustin Penner

Colten Teubert

Another double hottie trade. Man, 2011 was a good year for hotties at the deadline.

The Phoenix Coyotes send Scottie Upshall and Sami Lepisto to the Columbus Blue Jackets.



What a bummer for Coyotes fans, losing two hotties on the same day. But yay for Columbus fans!

Who have been your favorite hotties dealt at the deadline?

2 thoughts on “Hump Day Hotties: NHL Trade Deadline

  1. None of my boys were ever traded at the deadline. They either were traded during the draft, traded during the course of the season, or just simply signed with another team.

    (BTW? Steckel and Arnott so look alike in those pictures.)

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