Opening Day Moments That Made Us Smile (so far)

 photo pic_giant_040113_SM_yankees.jpg

Mo’s last Opening Day. Insert heaving sigh here.

Never mind that it was Easter weekend. Opening Weekend made it more like Christmas Day at the Bee Household, just as I expect it may have been for you this past long weekend. (True story: we spent Sunday morning watching the replay of Yankees-Army at West Point on via Apple TV. And it was glorious.)

While it wasn’t such a great day for my Yankees – and please, let’s all just calm down, alright? – there was so much to celebrate. For one, I was glad to see Francisco Cervelli back in the regular lineup and having a decent outing at the plate, and hearing the Yankee faithful bellowing YOOOOOOOOUUUUK! (Suck it, Boston. He’s OURS now!) For Boston fans, seeing a strong outing from Jon Lester at Yankee Stadium was likely pretty uplifting. Maybe we don’t need to relegate them to the AL East basement just yet.

Here are a few other moments that may have brought a smile to your face:

Bryce Harper Going Yard. Twice.

 photo bryce-harper-2013-opening-day-home-.jpgYoung pup Bryce Harper became the youngest player to homer twice for his team on in its first game of the regular season, as the Nationals blanked the Marlins 2-0. No clown hitting at all there.

Clayton Kershaw’s Ridiculous Day

He hit his first career homer in a scoreless eighth inning against the World Champ Giants, and pitched a shutout. People might have freaked out a little.

 photo 04-01-2013-clayton-kershaw-4_3_r536.jpgGeddy Lee, you guys.


He was grace under pressure throwing out the first pitch Tuesday night at the Blue Jays’ home opener. Mad props to Baseball Nation for the gif.

Oh AJ!

 photo ku-xlarge.gif

Shaving cream pies are obviously easier for him to handle. (thanks to Deadspin‘s TImothy Burke for his usual brilliance, as pointed out to me by the equally brilliant Minda).

The Astros win! You know, the team that’s supposed to lose 100 games this year?

 photo Rangers20Astros20Baseba_Cort.jpgAgain, we know it’s early. But their 8-2 win over the Texas Rangers Sunday night was great to see. Baseball is full of surprises.

Let’s wrap with a lovely tune that Games Mistress recommended to me to last night: a sort of oldie but a goodie. Nothing captures the joy of the game – and its great voices – quite like this.

Your favourite moment this Opening Week? Let us know in the comments!

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