Friday Fellow(s): Feeling Good

We’re going literal this week: it’s Friday, and there are some fellows in the basketball world who are feeling (and looking) pretty good.  Feel free to click the above for a soundtrack appropriate to the coming joy…

Danilo’s feeling good because his Nuggets have won 14 games in a row:

Dwayne Wade’s feeling good because his Heat have won 24 (twenty-four!) games in a row and also he looks amaaaaazing on this Esquire Style Blog post.


Harvard’s feeling good because they knocked off No. 3 New Mexico yesterday (that’s Siyani Chambers and Laurent Rivard celebrating).

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

And of course, Florida Gulf Coast University is feeling pretty darn good as of, oh about five minutes ago.

My bracket’s in ruins now but I kind of don’t care.

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