Hump Day Hotties: You Make the Call


Christien Sage of Oklahoma State. One pick Cosmo got right. He kinda reminds me of Austin Nichols in this picture.

As a lazy lady lately (whoa, alliteration!), I’ve been a total slacker about scouting new hotties to show you dedicated readers. I’ve been very anti-sports watching lately (aside from my favorite teams), so I’m completely unaware of fresh meat. With the NCAA Tournament upon us, there is plenty of fresh meat awaiting our ogling eyes. There is always that hot college boy that makes you feel like a pervy old lady.

With that said, Cosmo has been busy covering the sports world again, compiling a list of NCAA hotties to watch. I’ll let you be the judge, but here’s my 2 cents.

First on their list: Seth Curry.

Duke v Miami

UGH! Granted, I hate Duke with the fire of a thousand suns, but Seth Curry is not even the cutest guy on their team. You might remember his adorably adorable brother, Stephen Curry, from tournaments past (oh, and the NBA). Let’s just say that Seth ended up in the shallow end of the looks gene pool in that family. It’s not even like Cosmo had to have a Blue Devil on the list. There’s only 26 guys that made the cut. What about one of the Plumlee brothers? Or, if you’re into hipsters, Ryan Kelly. My choice would have been Josh Hairston. He’s kinda adorable. (But you never ever ever heard me say that!)

Josh HairstonNow let’s talk about their choice out of Wisconsin:

Mike+Bruesewitz+WisconsinMeet Mike Bruesewitz, a.k.a. NIGHTMARE FUEL!! What the ever living F is that?

Never, at any point in the history of the world, should this man be on a list of “hotties”. That demeans the good name of hotties everywhere. Would you put Ronald McDonald on a list of hotties? No, no you would not.

A better option might have been Ben Brust. Hello, Ben Brust.

Ben-Brust-1I honestly don’t know what Cosmo has been smoking or if they are even trying to appeal to the female sports fan. What I do know is that they are blind. Or men. Whichever.

So who would you swap off Cosmo’s list? Let us know in the comments.



2 thoughts on “Hump Day Hotties: You Make the Call

  1. I think Cosmo eithet has no sense when it comes to men, or they put up pics and shoot darts at the wall. I remember a few years ago (and by “few”, I mean back in 1997), they had a glorified fashion fluff piece involving NHL players. A couple of my favorite players were in it…but I definitely didn’t like them for their looks.

    Maybe they have ‘Fro envy, and that’s why they chose Bruesewitz?

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