Hump Day Hottie: Hockey Players with Pets

Troy Brouwer Puppy

Troy Brouwer and one of his famous beagle puppies, Ari.

Who doesn’t love a cute picture of a puppy or kitten? Who does’t love a picture of a hot hockey player? OK, how about if you combine the two? That’s a recipe for swoon. (Well, at least it is for me.) Yesterday, I stumbled (or Tumbl’d?) upon an awesome Tumblr account dedicated to this topic: Hockey Players with Pets.

Here are some of the highlights from the blog: 

Brandon Prust PuppyBrandon Prust, asleep with his dog, Lola.

Rich Peverley DogRich Peverley and Bear.

Kris Letang DogKris Letang and an adorable pup.

Josh Harding DogJosh Harding and his fluffy friend, Jerry.

Richard Bachman PuppyRichard Bachman’s puppy, Buzz, is a recent graduate of puppy school!

Not all hockey players have domesticated animals for pets…

Evgeni Malkin GoatsEvgeni Malkin enjoys goats, apparently.

And also lions?

Evgeni Malkin Lion

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