Winning it All: The Baltimore Ravens are World Champs

joe-flacco-super-bowlIt’s been awhile since one of my favorite teams won it all, and I’ve missed the feeling. I’ve been on a high since the Ravens beat Denver last month thanks to Jacoby Jones’ “Mile High Miracle,” and I’m not about to come down. The momentum from that game carried the Ravens into Foxborough, 9 point underdogs for the second week in a row. The Patriots did not stand a chance.

The two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl felt like an eternity. Was this team really a team of destiny? There was so much hype, drama, chaos and everything else that happens leading up to the big game. Even the game itself provided distractions that almost derailed the Ravens. But they held on. They fought through. And they emerged victorious.

And I cried tears of joy. Just thinking about it makes me happy. Every time I see Joe Flacco awkwardly yell “I’m going to Disney World!” my eyes well up. (I attribute that to a few things. 1) I miss working for Disney. 2) I miss Disney World like whoa! 3) I love the Ravens and Baltimore.)

Joe Flacco Disney World

Some of you can relate to the emotions I’m experiencing right now. Some of you have never been here before. Let me tell you, it’s amazing. I hope you get to experience it if you haven’t already. It’s euphoria. It’s also rewarding. All the time, money and energy you have spent being a sports fan is finally paying off. Watching your team raise the Lombardi trophy or hoist a Stanley Cup is the reason you go to or watch every game, wear your team colors, and/or continue silly superstitions.

Ray Lewis Super Bowl Parade

I’ve been blessed to see a few of my favorite teams win three championships (four if you count the Orioles winning the World Series when I was one). I’ve seen two Ravens Super Bowls in 17 years and a Maryland Men’s Basketball National Title in 2002 (and I was in Atlanta at the game and it was amazing). The feeling of winning will always live with me. It’s a bond that I will always share with other fans, my team, my city and my school.

This is why I’m a sports fan. This is why it’s one of my few passions in life. Yes, being a fan will break your heart almost every year, but it’s all worth it when your team comes out victorious in the end. Trust me.

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