Super Bowl Ad Roundup!


So in case you didn’t hear, the Baltimore Ravens took the Super Bowl XLVII title, besting the San Francisco 49ers 34-31. Ray Lewis was emotional, Beyonce diva-ed it up, and there was a delightfully surprising break in play when the Super Dome lost power and everyone who cares about seeing the ads AND the game could take a nice breather and have a bathroom run. Since I didn’t have any emotional investment in the game either way (minus my being at a very close friend’s all Niners house), I’ll leave bragging rights to our own Raven.  I, however, have been very invested and particular about my Super Bowl advertisements over the years, especially after working at a job that entailed pitching songs to be considered for use in these hilarities.  This fine Monday morning, I bring you a round up of what I thought deserved notice in a slew of what was otherwise overwhelmingly dull.

A couple of the ads certainly deserve honorable mention: the always highly anticipated Budweiser Clydesdales hit right in the heart strings, and Dodge Ram’s ‘Year of the Farmer’ took a more serious nod at a different type of American hero.  Apparently there is also some debate already stirring around Volkswagen’s ‘Get Happy’, claiming the ad as racist.  Personally I think that someone is just looking for something to whine about since there wasn’t a wardrobe malfunction or a late bleep on an angry players f-bomb to attack (plus how grumpy do you have to be to not lose it at “don’t fret, me bratha – sticky bun come soon”?!) What did you all think?

The earliest ad that had my group cracking up was the Doritos contest winner ‘Goat For Sale’ – apparently this fan won a well deserved $1 million, because how can one not laugh at a murderous goat eating Doritos and yelling?

The next favorite aired much later, which seems like a bit of a risk considering attention spans were dwindling and impatience and alcohol consumption were on the rise, and it was a full two minutes.  If you did happen to catch funny men Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen duke it out for taking part in Samsung’s Next Big Thing, you know it was certainly worth it.

The winner in my book of best ad for this year (and I know I’m not alone in this sentiment) was Taco Bell.  Exactly a year ago, America’s eardrums were introduced to what turned out to be one of the most infectious pop songs of the year from the epic Chevy Sonic stunt ad: “We Are Young” by fun.  This year, Taco Bell flipped the message of the song and sent a group of amazing awesome looking grandparent types on a badass mission of forever young, using a Spanish version of fun.’s anthemic tune. All around pretty adorable and rather hilarious.

And while it certainly wasn’t the best ad (and it definitely made a mildly inebriated Buffalita giggle pretty hard at the ridiculousness of this poor guy’s facial expressions), Calvin Klein certainly deserves mention for knowing that while their product is aimed at the men watching the game, acknowledging the ladies watching the game and giving them a little eye candy beyond Baltimore’s booty-hugging leggings was rather appreciated. And what would a Ladies… Super Bowl ad roundup be without some mostly naked men?

Seriously. If you don’t burst out laughing at 21 seconds in, I owe you a cookie.

What was everyone else’s favorite?

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