Ladies… Guide to Super Bowl Prop Bets

superdome super bowl 2013

As Games Mistress mentioned yesterday, people love to bet on the Super Bowl. It’s always fun to play in a box pool or bet on the winner or even the coin toss (as I’m typing this, the Papa John’s commercial about winning the coin toss and getting free pizza is on). I already know who I’m rooting for, so a “who’s going to win” bet is out of the cards for me. For years, my friends, family and I made fun bets with nothing actually being wagered, but this year I thought it’d be fun to introduce some prop bets to our party. Here’s a list of fun prop bets for your party, especially if you don’t have any rooting interests.

Dry eyes at the Super Bowl Party you’re attending during Sandy Hook Elementary students singing “America the Beautiful” – over/under 2.5
Alicia Key’s National Anthem – over/under 1:31
“Oh’s” heard during anthem – non-existent, loud enough for TV, overwhelmingly loud
Length of shot of Ray Lewis crying during anthem – over/under :10
Mentions of the word “elite” from CBS commentators – over/under 10.5

Any point before or during the game
Signs shown using letters C, B and S, with the S representing the phrase “Super Bowl” – over/under 2.5
Shots of Alex Smith on the sideline – over/under 7.5
Mentions of Joe Flacco’s pending contract – over/under 4.5
Use of the phrase “deer antler spray” – over/under 2.5
Use of the phrase “pistol offense” – over/under 6.5
Number of times Hurricane Katrina is mentioned  – over/under 5.5
Number of times they use the full “Mercedes Benz SuperDome” name – over/under 3.5
Number of shots of Mardi Gras or awkward Mardi Gras jokes/mentions – over/under 4.5
Number of references to the Harbaughs as brothers -over/under 10.5
Number of awkward mentions of “Harbowl” “SuperBaugh” etc. by announcers -over/under 4.5
Number of shots of Harbaugh family members in the stands – over/under 3.5
Number of mentions/shots of Tom Crean, the Harbaugh’s brother-in-law and head basketball coach of Indiana – over/under 2.5
Number of comments about Colin Kaepernick’s tattoos (or the story of how there was furor over the them) – over/under 2.5

Will Beyonce lip synch? – Yes or No
Appearance by Jay-Z – Yes or No
Number of guest stars – over/under 5
Beyonce sings with Destiny’s Child – Yes or No
Overall entertainment factor – Bored, OK, Better than Madonna, Blown Away

Super Bowl XXXV - Postgame
MVP is an offensive player – Yes or No
Mentions of “God” – over/under 5.5

These could also be turned into a drinking game, that is if you don’t have to go to work on Monday or you just feel like partying. What do you think? Any prop bets you’d add? Let us know in the comments!

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